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A flight segment is part of the journey.

If you are flying from Seattle to London with a stop over in NY, the flight would be two segments.

# Seattle to New York # New York to London Each time you get on a plane, the segment starts. Each time you get off the plane, the segment ends.

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What actors and actresses appeared in The Animatrix - 2003?

The cast of The Animatrix - 2003 includes: Melinda Clarke as Alexa (segment "Matriculated") Debi Derryberry as Kid (segment "The Second Renaissance, Part II") Alex Fernandez as Tom (segment "World Record") Bette Ford as Old Woman (segment "Final Flight of the Osiris") Tom Kenny as Operator (segment "Final Flight of the Osiris") Phil LaMarr as Duo (segment "Program") Rodney Saulsberry as Chyron (segment "Matriculated") Allison Smith as Reporter (segment "World Record") Victor Williams as Dan (segment "World Record")

What is the difference between a leg and a segment in airline?

I googled and found... Leg/Segment A leg is that portion of the trip between consecutive flight stops. The segment can be a group of legs, because the segment is that portion of a trip from boarding point to a deplaning point.

What is formed by two endpoints?

A line segment.A line segment.A line segment.A line segment.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pribytiye poyezda - 1996?

The cast of Pribytiye poyezda - 1996 includes: Lyudmila Aleksandrova as (segment "Trofim") Aleksey Balabanov as (segment "Trofim") Sergey Barkovskiy as (segment "Trofim") Aleksandr Bashirov as Cameraman (segment "Excercise No.5") Vladimir Bogdanov as (segment "Excercise No.5") Zoya Buryak as (segment "Trofim") Giya Chanturiya as (segment "Doroga") Aleksandr Dubina as (segment "Doroga") Aleksey German as (segment "Trofim") Yekaterina Golubeva as (segment "Excercise No.5") Yuriy Golubtsov as (segment "Doroga") Leonid Gromov as (segment "Excercise No.5") Mikhail Guro as (segment "Trofim") Vladimir Ilin as (segment "Doroga") Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy as (segment "Svadebnyy marsh") Yelena Kolegova as (segment "Doroga") Natalya Korennaya as (segment "Doroga") Andrey Krasko as (segment "Excercise No.5") Tamara Lipartiya as (segment "Trofim") Sergey Makovetskiy as (segment "Trofim") Oleg Melnik as (segment "Excercise No.5") Yun Meng as (segment "Excercise No.5") Dmitry Meskhiev as (segment "Exercise No. 5" and "Trofim") Irina Metlitskaya as (segment "Excercise No.5") Vladimir Piskunov as (segment "Doroga") Aleksandr Polovtsev as (segment "Excercise No.5") Viktor Poluyektov as (segment "Trofim") Sergey Razhuk as (segment "Trofim") Aleksey Serebryakov as (segment "Excercise No.5") Igor Shibanov as (segment "Trofim") Ivan Shvedoff as (segment "Excercise No.5") Denis Sinyavsky as (segment "Excercise No.5") Yevgeniya Smolyaninova as (segment "Doroga") Vadim Stepashkin as (segment "Doroga") Semyon Strugachyov as (segment "Trofim") Garik Sukachyov as (segment "Doroga") Anna Syomkina as (segment "Svadebnyy marsh") Viktor Tikhomirov as (segment "Excercise No.5") Nina Usatova as (segment "Excercise No.5") Konstantin Yushkevich as (segment "Doroga") Aleksei Zhirov as (segment "Svadebnyy marsh")

What is the thoracolumbar division of the ANS also called?

It is the activity of fight or flight response of sympathetic nerve system which arising between segment T1 and L3 in the ANS .

What actors and actresses appeared in Strannye lyudi - 1969?

The cast of Strannye lyudi - 1969 includes: Viktor Avdyushko as (segment "Rokovoj vystrel") Antonina Bogdanova as (segment "Dumy") Galina Bulkina as (segment "Bratka") Aleksandra Denisova as (segment "Bratka") Nikolai Diyanov as (segment "Dumy") Evgeniy Evstigneev as (segment "Bratka") Nikolai Goryachev as (segment "Dumy") Artyom Karapetyan as (segment "Dumy") Leonid Korsunsky as (segment "Dumy") Klavdiya Kozlenkova as (segment "Bratka") Pantelejmon Krymov as (segment "Dumy") Yevgeni Lebedev as (segment "Rokovoj vystrel") Sergey Nikonenko as (segment "Bratka") Pyotr Pinitsa as (segment "Rokovoj vystrel") Andrei Razumovsky as (segment "Rokovoj vystrel") Nadezhda Repina as (segment "Rokovoj vystrel") Vsevolod Sanayev as (segment "Dumy") Yelena Sanayeva as (segment "Dumy") Nina Sazonova as (segment "Dumy") Mariya Shukshina as (segment "Bratka") Yuri Skop as (segment "Dumy") Lyubov Sokolova as (segment "Rokovoj vystrel") Arkadi Trusov as (segment "Dumy") Klavdiya Volkova as (segment "Bratka") Liliya Zakharova as (segment "Dumy")

What actors and actresses appeared in Mezanits yereqe - 1988?

The cast of Mezanits yereqe - 1988 includes: Aiastan Abramyan as (segment "Slovo") Henrik Alaverdyan as (segment "Slovo") Yuri Amiryan as (segment "Slovo") Vigan Artsrunyan as (segment "Dejstviye") Irina Buzhilova as (segment "Dejstviye") Gevork Dododzhan as (segment "Dejstviye") Karen Dzhanibekyan as (segment "Slovo") Ishkhan Garibyan as (segment "Illyuziya") Edik Gasparyan as (segment "Dejstviye") Artashes Gedikyan as (segment "Slovo") Laura Gevorkyan as (segment "Illyuziya") Ashot Ghazaryan as (segment "Illyuziya") Svetlana Grigoryan as (segment "Dejstviye") Grigol Karagezyan as (segment "Dejstviye") Aleksandr Khachatryan as (segment "Slovo") Svetlana Kirakosyan as (segment "Dejstviye") Yuri Kostanyan as (segment "Illyuziya") Verjaluys Mirijanyan as (segment "Slovo") Sergei Mkrtchyan as (segment "Dejstviye") Tamar Ovannisyan as (segment "Slovo") Arus Papyan as (segment "Slovo") Marine Petrosyan as (segment "Illyuziya") Michael Poghosian as (segment "Slovo") Leonard Sarkisov as (segments Slovo and Dejstviye) Vigen Stepanyan as (segment "Slovo") Gagik Vartanyan as (segment "Dejstviye") Viktoriya Zimenkova as (segment "Dejstviye")

What actors and actresses appeared in Kak stat muzhchinoy - 1970?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Gabi ng lagim - 1960?

The cast of Gabi ng lagim - 1960 includes: Kasupang as (segment 3) Chiquito as (segment 4) Amado Cortez as (segment 2) Myra Crisol as (segment 1) Rodolfo Cristobal as (segment 1) Francisco Cruz as Tata Ambo (segment 2) Myrna Delgado as (segment 2) Paquito Diaz as (segment 3) Boy Francisco as (segment 4) Tony Gosalvez as Panginoon (segment 2) Yolanda Guevarra as (segment 3) Berting Labra as (segment 4) Cielito Legaspi as (segment 2) Marietta Miranda as (segment 3) Nello Nayo as (segment 1) Dencio Padilla as (segment 2) Ramon Revilla as (segment 1) Jose Romulo as (segment 3) Paquito Toledo as (segment 4) Aida Villegas as (segment 3) Zaldy Zshornack as (segment 4)

What actors and actresses appeared in Nachalo nevedomogo veka - 1967?

The cast of Nachalo nevedomogo veka - 1967 includes: Vladimir Balon as (segment "Angel") Tatyana Belikova as (segment "Angel") Georgiy Burkov as (segment "Angel") Vitali Doroshenko as (segment "Potrya") Mikhail Golubovich as (segment "Potrya") Sergei Gorbatyuk as (segment "Rodina elektrichestva") Yevgeni Goryunov as (segment "Rodina elektrichestva") Nikolai Gubenko as (segment "Angel") Ivan Gurchenkov as (segment "Rodina elektrichestva") Igor Klass as (segment "Angel") Viktor Kosykh as (segment "Angel") Leonid Kulagin as (segment "Angel") Galina Nekhayevskaya as (segment "Potrya") Nikolai Olejnik as (segment "Potrya") Lyudmila Polyakova as (segment "Angel") Viktor Pomortsev as (segment "Angel") Aleksandra Popova as (segment "Rodina elektrichestva") Sergei Volf as (segment "Angel") Nikolay Yakovchenko as (segment "Potrya")

A segment line or plane that intersects a segment at its midpoint?

A Segment Bisector

What is a bisect a segment?

Bisect a segment is to divide the line segment into 2

What actors and actresses appeared in Frankenstein Unlimited - 2009?

The cast of Frankenstein Unlimited - 2009 includes: Trevor Aikman as (segment "Victor") Naomi Aldrich as (segment "Reflection") Rick Bel as (segment "Victor") Sam Belanger as (segment "Victor") Mimi Belanger as (segment "Victor") Julie Belzile as (segment "Victor") Danielle Berthiaume as (segment "Dark Lotus") Stefan Bitar as (segment "Mr. Fluffenstein") Annie Boivin as (segment "Reflection") Anastasia Bondarenko as (segment "Reflection") Christophe Cecconi as (segment "Victor") Roberto Cialdella as (Segment "Dark Lotus") Kevin Cruz as (segment "Reflection") Kitty Daly as (segment "Reflection") Aimee Davison as (segment "Mr. Fluffenstein") Angela Disorbo as (segment "Victor") Abdiel Friedman as (segment "Reflection") John Hislop as (segment "Mr. Fluffenstein") Konstantin Kokosopoulos as (segment "Dark Lotus") Lawrence Lafetiere as (segment "Victor") Gabriel Mainville as (segment "Dark Lotus") Maude Michaud as (segment "Reflection") Joe Ollmann as (segment "Victor") Martin Plouffe as (segments "Dark Lotus" and "Reflection") Michel Rivet as (segment "Reflection") Sophie Robillard as (segment "Reflection") Kayden Rose as (segment "Dark Lotus") Jasper Round as (segment "Mr. Fluffenstein") Matthew Saliba as (segment "Victor") Emily Tector as (segment "Victor") Eric Thivierge as (segment "Dark Lotus")

What actors and actresses appeared in Obra Maestra - 1958?

The cast of Obra Maestra - 1958 includes: Lopito as (segment "Hong Kong") Chiquito as (segment "Manila") Eddie Boy Serrano as (segment "Manila") Olivia Cenizal as (segment "Singapore") Eddie Del Mar as (segment "Tokyo") Vic Diaz as (segment "Hong Kong") Shirley Gorospe as (segment "Hong Kong") Anita Linda as (segment "Singapore") Vicente Liwanag as (segment "Manila") Edna Luna as (segment "Macao") Eddie Mesa as (segment "Hong Kong") Johnny Monteiro as (segment "Singapore") Lani Oteyza as (segment "Manila") Tessie Quintana as (segment "Tokyo") Efren Reyes as (segment "Singapore") Leopoldo Salcedo as (segment "Macao") Quiel Segovia as (segment "Manila") Carol Varga Alicia Vergel as (segment "Macao") Cynthia Zamora as (segment "Manila") Zaldy Zshornack as (segment "Hong Kong")

What actors and actresses appeared in Partizanske price - 1960?

The cast of Partizanske price - 1960 includes: Stole Arandjelovic as (segment "Povratak") Olga Brajevic as (segment "Crveni sal") Stanko Buhanac as (segment "Crveni sal") Boris Buzancic as (segment Povratak) Julka Cvejanov as (segment "Povratak") Ivan Djurdjevic as (segment "Povratak") Junus Medjedovic as (segment "Povratak") Rade Mladjenovic as (segment "Crveni sal") Dusan Perkovic as (segment "Crveni sal") Branko Plesa as (segment "Povratak") Nikola Popovic as (segment "Povratak") Deana Radisic as (segment "Povratak") Jovan Rancic as (segment "Crveni sal") Spela Rozin as (segment "Povratak") Emil Ruben Ivka Rutic as (segment "Povratak") Zlatibor Stoimirov as (segment "Povratak") Marko Tasic as (segment "Crveni sal") Janez Vrhovec as (segment "Crveni sal") Dusan Vujisic as (segment "Povratak") Gizela Vukovic as (segment "Crveni sal")

What actors and actresses appeared in Vreme ljubavi - 1966?

The cast of Vreme ljubavi - 1966 includes: Slobodan Djuric as (segment "Kavez") Bekim Fehmiu as Milija (segment "Put") Zoran Ivanovic as (segment "Kavez") Ljiljana Jovanovic as (segment "Kavez") Vuka Kostic as (segment "Kavez") Ljiljana Krstic as (segment "Kavez") Nikola Milic as (segment "Kavez") Branislav Mladenovic as (segment "Kavez") Zineta Music as (segment "Kavez") Tasko Nacic as Milutin (segment "Put") Zoran Ratkovic as (segment "Kavez") Ruzica Sokic as (segment "Put") Neda Spasojevic as (segment "Put") Jovisa Vojinovic as (segment "Kavez") Pavle Vuisic as (segment "Kavez") Gizela Vukovic as (segment "Put")

What is a segment in a circle?

A segment of a circle is known as an arc.A segment of a circle is called a arc.A segment of a circle is known as an arc.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tri rasskaza Chekhova - 1959?

The cast of Tri rasskaza Chekhova - 1959 includes: Anatoli Adoskin as Klotchkov (segment "Vanka") Pyotr Aleynikov as (segment "Vanka") Aleksandr Barsov as Vanka (segment "Vanka") Klavdiya Blokhina as Anyuta (segment "Anyuta") Vladimir Boriskin as (segment "Vanka") Georgiy Budarov as (segment "Vanka") Evgeniy Evstigneev as The Painter (segment "Anyuta") Anastasiya Georgiyevskaya as Woman (segment "A Vengeance") Lyudmila Kasatkina as Wife (segment "A Vengeance") Stanislav Korenev as (segment "Anyuta") Kseniya Kozmina as (segment "Vanka") Nonna Mordyukova as (segment "Vanka") Nikolai Plotnikov as Aliakin (segment "Vanka") Alevtina Rumyantseva as (segment "Vanka") Yuriy Sarantsev as (segment "Vanka") Nikolay Smorchkov as (segment "Vanka") Pavel Tarasov as (segment "Anyuta") Viktor Uralskiy as (segment "Anyuta") Georgiy Vitsin as Degtyaryov (segment "A Vengeance") Mikhail Yanshin as Turamov (segment "A Vengeance") Oleg Zhakov as (segment "Anyuta")

What actors and actresses appeared in O Doce Esporte do Sexo - 1971?

The cast of O Doce Esporte do Sexo - 1971 includes: Eliana Abranches as (segment "O Filminho") Ely Afonso as (segment "O Torneio") Chico Anysio Rodolfo Arena as (segment "A Boca") Chiquinho as (segment "A Boca") Estelita Bell as (segment "O Torneio") Linda Brahim as (segment "A Boca") Maximiliano Chaves as (segment "A Boca") Laura Cherques as (segment "A Suspeita") Elsie Colassanti as (segment "O Filminho") Manfredo Colassanti as (segment "O Filminho") Renato Coutinho as (segment "A Suspeita") Nelson Dantas as (segment "O Torneio") Rafael de Carvalho as (segment "O Torneio") Ivan De Souza as (segment "A Boca") Orlando Drummond as (segment "A Boca") Leni Garcia as (segment "O Filminho") Wilson Grey as (segment "O Apartamento") Luis Guilherme as (segment "A Suspeita") Carlos Imperial as (segment "A Suspeita") Edna Olinda as (segment "O Filminho") Sergio Oliva as (segment "O Filminho") Nildo Parente as (segment "O Torneio") Leila Pereira as (segment "O Filminho") Vilma Pinto as (segment "O Filminho") Pedro Raul as (segment "O Torneio") Isabel Ribeiro as (segment "A Suspeita") Arnaud Rodrigues as (segment "A Boca") Alda Santos as (segment "A Boca") Aloisio Taylor as (segment "A Boca") Mary Vieira as (segment "O Filminho")

What actors and actresses appeared in Medaljon sa tri srca - 1962?

The cast of Medaljon sa tri srca - 1962 includes: Severin Bijelic as Pavle ... brodski oficir (segment "Prica1") Dimitrije Bugarcic as Lucijin brat (segment "prica1") Karlo Bulic as Direktor hotela (segment "Prica2") Stojan Decermic as (segment "Prica2") Dragan Dimitrijevic as (segment "Prica1") Tomanija Djuricko as (segment "Prica3") Boris Dvornik as (segment "Prica3") Miodrag Filipovic as (segment "Prica2") Sima Ilic as (segment "Prica3") Ivan Jonas as Recepcioner (segment "Prica2") Nada Kasapic as (segment "Prica2) Mirjana Kodzic as (segment "Prica3") Vesna Krajina as Verica (segment "Prica3") Beba Loncar as (segment "Prica2") Tatjana Lukjanova as Simina supruga (segment "Prica2") Gordana Markovic as (segment "Prica1") Bosiljka Markovic as (segment "Prica1") Milena Markovic as (segment "Prica2") Petar Matic as (segment "Prica3") Branka Mitic as Lucijina snaha (segment "Prica1) Stanislava Pesic as Lucija ... gimnazijalka (segment "Prica1") Miroslava Rajevac as (segment "Prica1") Ljubica Sekulic as (segment "Prica3") Ilija Slijepcevic as (segment "Prica1") Viktor Starcic as Sima ... profesor (segment "Prica2") Fedja Stojanovic as (segment "Prica2") Branislav Surutka as Narrator Dragan Tokovic as Pevac Nevenka Urbanova as (segment "Prica3) Vlasta Velisavljevic as (segment "Prica1") Mira Zivkovic as (segment "Prica2") Milos Zutic as (segment "Prica3")

What is the 3 segments of GPS?

The space segment, the control segment, and the user segment.

Find a segment that must be longer than segment PN?

SeGmEnT Pd

What of a segment is a line segment or ray that is perpendicular to a segment at its midpoint?

Perpendicular Bisector

What segment of a earthworm would have the tubule if the nephrostome was in segment 20?

Segment 21 .

What actors and actresses appeared in All Human Rights for All - 2008?

The cast of All Human Rights for All - 2008 includes: Dino Abbrescia as (segment "Bugie") Fabiola Aceto as Ballerina (segment "Cellule") Constantin Alberto Ghinea as (segment "La lettera") Osvaldo Alzari as (segment "La sirena") Maria Amelia Monti as (segment "Art. 2") Andrea Balestri as (segment "La sirena") Anuar Belhrazi as (segment "Art. 13") Alessia Bellotto as (segment "Art. 28") Alessandro Bencivenga as (segment "La sirena") Sonia Bergamasco as Marta (segment "Cellule") Claudio Bigagli as Truong Quoc Huy (segment "Art. 9") Lidia Biondi as (segment "Art. 29") Anna Bonaiuto as (segment "Art. 20") Marco Bonini as (segment "Art. 29") Maya Bonini as (segment "Art. 29") Amanda Bottini as (segment "La sirena") Elena Bouryka as (segment "Raccolta differenziata") Nicolae Brian Ghinea as (segment "La lettera") Maurizio Cagnoli as (segment "Art. 21") Maya Camerini as (segment "La sirena") Anita Caprioli as (segment "Maddalena") Valentina Carnelutti as (segment "Bugie") Raffaella Castelli as (segment "La luce") Cristina Cellini as Giovanna (segment "Cellule") Carlo Chiucchi as (segment "Art. 21") Giorgio Colangeli as (segment "Art. 24") Olivia Covatta as (segment "Art. 2") Giobbe Covatta as (segment "Art. 2") Tommaso Critelli as Donato (segment "Pentedattilo") Valerin Daniel Coroiu as (segment "La lettera") Giordano De Plano as (segment "La luce") Pietro De Silva as Prof. dipartimento biologia (segment "Cellule") Nino Denaro as (segment "Pentedattilo") Caterina Deregibus as (segment "Bugie") Luigi Di Pietro as (segment "Art. 28") Edoardo Di Silvestri as Guardia giurata (segment "Art. 10") Ashley Egwoh as Figlia di Djbril (segment "Pentedattilo") Gladys Egwoh as Moglie di Djbril (segment "Pentedattilo") Marianna Erba as (segment "Art. 2") Gaetano Ercolano as (segment "Pentedattilo") Eduardo Escobar as (segment "Art. 21") Annunziata Fallanca as (segment "Pentedattilo") Denis Fasolo as (segment "Art. 28") Matteo Febo as (segment "La luce") Michel Federici as (segment "Bugie") Giuseppe Ferrara as (segment "Art. 19") Donatella Finocchiaro as Giudice (segment "Art. 10") Arian Florea as (segment "La lettera") Riccardo Floris as (segment "La luce") Giada Fradeani as Traduttrice (segment "Art. 10") Iris Fusetti as (segment "Art. 28") Vasile Ghinea as (segment "La lettera") Petruta Ghinea as (segment "La lettera") Rosa Giampaolo as (segment "Bugie") Giorgio Gobbi as Avvocato difesa (segment "Art. 10") Stefano Gragnani as (segment "La sirena") Rocco Greco as Ballerino (segment "Cellule") Antonello Grimaldi as (segment "Art. 21") Marta Iacopini as (segment "La sirena") Roger Iordache as (segment "La lettera") Ionel Izarli as (segment "La lettera") Aram Kian as (segment "Art. 28") Gioacchino Laterza as (segment "Art. 13") Massimo Lauro as Pubblico ministero (segment "Art. 10") Marco Leonzio as (segment "Art. 29") Saverio Longo as (segment "Pentedattilo") Aurelia Lucifero as (segment "Art. 29") Franco Magrito as (segment "Art. 21") Ines Mangiola as (segment "Pentedattilo") Mario Marchetti as (segment "Art. 19") Beniamino Marcone as (segment "La luce") Ana Maria Morosanu as (segment "La lettera") Valerio Mastandrea as (segment "Art. 24") Gerardo Mastrodomenico as (segment "Art. 30") Maham Mehrabi as (segment "Art. 29") Giovanni Miglioli as (segment "Art. 21") Concetta Minniti as (segment "Pentedattilo") Carlotta Natoli as (segment "Art. 29") Roberto Nobile as Anziano mafioso (segment "Art. 21") Antonello Oliva as (segment "Art. 21") Rocco Papaleo as (segment "Art. 16") Fulvio Pepe as (segment "Art. 28") Aslam Pervez as Accusato (segment "Art. 10") Mario Porfito as (segment "Art. 2") Bruno Pozzoli as (segment "Art. 29") Cristina Puccinelli as Avvocato (segment "Art. 10") Renata Rampazzi as (segment "Raccolta differenziata") Primo Reggiani as (segment "Art. 24") Michele Riondino as Militare di leva (segment "Art. 5") Marina Rocco as (segment "Art. 20") Carmelo Romeo as (segment "Pentedattilo") Maya Sansa as Mao Hengfeng (segment "Art. 9") Mafalda Sapone as (segment "Pentedattilo") Angelo Sapone as (segment "Pentedattilo") Massimo Sarchielli as Manifestante (segment "Art. 5") Stefano Sarcinelli as (segment "Art. 2") Daniele Savoca as Paolo (segment "Art. 21") Mario Savonardo as Dio (segment "La fabbrica") Letizia Sedrick as (segment "Art. 30") Alberto Sgavicchia as (segment "Art. 29") Michele Sinisi as (segment "Art. 28") Margherita Smedile as Madre di Donato (segment "Pentedattilo") Dario Tartarelli as Ballerino (segment "Cellule") Sorina Uta as (segment "La lettera") Elisabetta Valeri as Cancelliere (segment "Art. 10") Florin Valeriu Simion as (segment "La lettera") Giorgio Vanzini as (segment "Art. 21") Veronica Visentin as (segment "La luce") Lidia Vitale as Poliziotta penitenziaria (segment "Art. 5") Annalisa Welzhfer as Ballerina (segment "Cellule") Mariangela Zampaglione as (segment "Pentedattilo") Federica Zanni as (segment "La sirena") Francesca Zanni as (segment "La sirena") Franco Zema as (segment "Pentedattilo")