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It means flying by computer and servo system control rather than using cables to make changes in the rudder, aelorons, etc.

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What is by wire technology?

wire technology is the use of wire to control the minds of pakis.

When does a fighter aircraft have maximum speed?

Like all aircraft, a fighter would have maximum speed at full throttle in a dive. In reality however, this seldom occurs. In many aircraft this puts extreme stress on the frame which is not desirable, and also running the engine at full throttle stresses the turbines and expends a LOT of fuel. In many fighter jets I have dealt with, we actually had a thin wire locked across the throttle quadrant so the pilot could only use 90-95 % of it's potential normally. - However he could push the lever to break the wire if needed.

Will robots be able to fly?

In a sense, modern commercial aircraft and many military fighter aircraft are already flying robotic devices. Built in computer controls fly many of the airplanes that are in the air at this moment, it's called "fly by wire". Some of the fighter aircraft are so difficult to keep in the air, the only way to actually perform that task without tiring out the pilot is to have the computer manage the control surfaces while the pilot only appears to fly the airplane. As for commercial aircraft, auto-pilot is certainly a robotic function.

What are the four roots of a technology tree?

red wire, blue wire, green wire and the black wire.

What was the nickname given to arresting gears on US Navy aircraft carriers?

I was an Aircraft Electrician on 3 carriers. Tarawa, Essex(on 6 cruises)and the Saratoga. The squadron people called it :"the wire". As we caught the wire or missed the wire.

Why is a metal wire connected from an aircraft to the earth during refuelling?

This grounds the aircraft and protects it from any electrical disparity.

What has the author Peter R March written?

Peter R. March has written: 'Preserved aircraft' -- subject(s): Airplanes, Collectors and collecting 'Combat Aircraft Recognition' 'The directory of military aircraft of the world' -- subject(s): Aeronautics, Military, Air forces, Airplanes, Military, Design and construction, Military Aeronautics, Military Airplanes 'Military aircraft markings' -- subject(s): Identification marks, Military Airplanes 'Warplanes' 'Military Aircraft Markings, 1993' 'The Spitfire story' -- subject(s): Spitfire (Fighter planes), History, Gevechtsvliegtuigen, Pictorial works, Spitfire 'The Harrier story' -- subject(s): Harrier (Jet fighter plane), History, Pictorial works 'ABC Military Aircraft Markings, 1997' 'ABC Civil Airliner Recognition, 6th Ed' 'Brace by Wire to Fly by Wire (Airforce Benevolent Fund)' 'RAF Yearbook' 'Sabre to Stealth' -- subject(s): Airplanes, Military, History, Military Airplanes, Pictorial works, United States, United States. Air Force 'Wright to Fly' 'Top trumps fighter aircraft' -- subject(s): Fighter planes, Pictorial works 'The Stealth story' -- subject(s): United States. Air Force, United States, History, F-117 (Jet attack plane), Design and construction 'Military Aircraft Markings'

What does CSAS stand for on Tornado Aircraft?

CSAS is an acronym for Command Stability Augumentation System - The "Fly by wire" system on Tornado Aircraft.

What technology closed the cattle kingdom?

Barbed wire.

Why are tires of an aircraft made slightly conducting?

This is to disperse static electricity ween the aircraft lands. Many aircraft also have 'static wicks' which are bits of wire fitted to the trailing edge of wings.

Which new technology of the 1800s had the greatest impact on farmers in the great plain?

Barbed wire

Anti aircraft parachutes used on ships piano wire with parachutes on each end of the wire.?

This does not ask a question or make a statement that is easy to understand.

What are the dangers of technology?

one danger is that if you chew a wire you'll get electrocuted (p.s.:don't ever chew on wire)

Who first used fly by wire?

NASA used an F-8C for its Digital Fly-by-Wire Program-the first digital fly-by-wire aircraft to operate without a mechanical backup system.

What are some examples of construction technology?

Wood chisel, crow bar, and wire stripper are examples of construction technology.

How Does The Airbus A320 Fly?

The A320 flies using the state of the art FLY-BY-WIRE Technology. The A320 is the pioneer of this technology. Basically you just enter the Speed, Heading, Altitude, and Coordinates in the Flight Computer. And the plane will just fly automatically. The A320 also uses joystick controls along with the Airbus aircraft. (Except the A300)

Why is locking wire used in aircraft?

Locking wire is used because it is very reliable and can't come loose through vibration. Wire locking has to be carried out by a licensed mechanic (or done under the supervision of one).

What type of pliers are used to cut chicken wire?

I find it easiest to cut chicken wire with aircraft style sheet metal shears. -It could be done with diagonal pliers or wire cutters, but that's a lot more effort.

How did barbed wire transform the US economy?

Barbed wire is a type of steel fencing wire with constructed with shape edges. The first patent in the US for barbed wire was issued in 1867 which belong to Lucien B Smith. It was the first wire technology that is able to withstand cattle.

How do people slow down aircraft on aircraft carriers?

Planes for carrier use have a hook at the rear of the fuselage. This is lowered so that it drags on the deck to catch a wire running across the deck that helps brake the plane.

What is the role of technology upgradation in banks?

Technology plays an unavoidable part in modern banking. Online baking, ATM and wire transfer are excellent examples of banking of 21st century and technology is the soul of all these phenomenons.

When is A330 first flight?

A330 first flew in 1992. But the concept started in the 1970s with the developement of the the A300. There was a need to "replace" the aging A300 to be more competetive with "other" aircraft manufacturers. So they came up with new technology airframes for the A330 and A340 (a four engined version of the A330). As a note: The A320 on the other hand was the first to incorporate the fly-by-wire technology installed on the A330 and A340.

What limitations are there when using fly by wire on an aircraft?

The main (and most important) limitation to Fly-by-wire system is that is highly sensible to EMPs, since this one fries the hole system and the plane would unavoidably crash

How did technology affect the way the war was fought?

Which war? if ww1 barbed wire if ww2 atomic bomb

What three advances in technology helped the people who were living on the Great Plains?

windmills,irrigation ditches and,barbed wire.