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  1. chloroform
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Q: What is formed by the combination of chlorine with humic acid?
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What r products of chlorine and humic acid reaction?

Chlorinated products of humic acid (or polyphenols) are formed (by substitution and or addition reactions) which gives them an awefull odor.

What is the difference between humic acid and potassium humate?

humate is humic acids salts,Potassium is kind of humic acid salts.It is extracted from humic acid and KOH. Sure you could get sodium humate from humic acid and NaOH. More information please

What is the effect of humic acid on crop production?

what is the effect of humic acid on human skin?

How do you make potassium humate from humic acid?

write the chemical equation of prepearation potassium humate from humic acid

Is humic acid acidic or alkaline?

Humic acid pH 4-6 ,week acidic ,lower activity .when mixed with KOH or NaOH,after reaction they will become Humic acid salt that is to say humte, is soluble in water.more details at the related link.

What is humic substance?

What is humic acid? definition of humic acid: it is main part of humic substance. Formed by a long time of biodegradation of organic matter such as dead plant and animals. Humic acid has a complex structure (molecular mass is 1500) is not soluble in water. Sometime it behaves dibasic or tribasic acids as it contains some basic carboxyl and phenolic group. Ac cordingly it has strong chelate capability to chelate with metal irons. More details can be found at the related link given below.

Which one offers pure high quality fulvic and humic supplements?

Fulvic Acid USA: Offers Pure High Quality Fulvic and Humic Supplements Fulvic Acid: Superior Fulvic Humic X935 Offers Pure Fulvic Supplements, with 77+ Trace Minerals, Electrolytes and Humic Acid in Liquid Drops.

Why is humic acid insoluble in acids?

humic acid is weak acidic Ph4-7,could be soluble in alkaline condition.More information please visit

What is the name of the ternary acid formed with chlorine that has the fewest oxygen atoms?

hypoloreious acid

What is the name of the ternery acid formed with chlorine that has the fewest oxygen atoms?

Hypochlorous acid(:

What is the effect of humic acid on algae?

Algae is something that goes naturally almost like a sea grass. If you add humic acid to algae you may see the algae become stressed.

What has the author Libuse Madronova written?

Libuse Madronova has written: 'Humic acids from raw materials of the Czech Republic' -- subject(s): Humic acid