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With Cold Water = Metal Hydroxide.

With Hot Water = Nothing

An acid is formed when certain metals react with water

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When a metal oxide reacts with an acid?

When a metal oxide reacts with an acid a slat and water are formed.

What is formed when a metal reacts with hydrochloric acid?

When an acid and a metal react, a salt + water is formed.

What products are formed when metal reacts with water?

With Cold Water= Metal Hydroxide With Hot Water= Nothing

What is formed when sulfur reacts with a metal?

When sulfur reacts with a metal, a metal sulfide salt is usually formed.

What compound is formed when metal oxide reacts with water?

Reaction of a metal oxide with water produces a metal hydroxide, which is a strong base

When a metal reacts with a nonmetal a colvent bond is formed true or false?

False. When a metal reacts with a nonmetal an ionic bond is formed.

What metal reacts with a metal or a non-metal to form an oxide?

oxides are formed when a element reacts with Oxygen

How is oxide formed?

oxide is formed when metal reacts with oxygen from the air

How does base form?

A base is formed from a metal reacting with oxygen to form a metal oxide. Then it reacts with water to form a base that will disociate in water to produce hydroxide ions.

What metal reacts with oxygen but not water?

Beryllium is the only alkaline metal that reacts to oxygen but not to water. The hydrogen in water stabilizes the reaction.

What happens when a metal reacts with carbonate?

metal carbonate is formed example for metal carbonate is na2co3

Is fluorine and sodium ionic or not ionic?

The compound formed when Fluorine and Sodium reacts, Sodium Fluoride, is ionic. Ionic compounds are formed when a non-metal, such as Fluorine, reacts with a metal, such as Sodium.

What type of product is formed on reaction of an alcohol with Na metal?

when sodium react with ethanol ,ethoxide and hydrogen are formed. this reaction is like when sodium reacts with water

What is produced when metal oxides react with water?

metal oxides do not react with water .Metal reacts with water and it made metal oxides.

What is formed when a halogen rescts with a metal?

Metal halides are formed when halogen reacts with a metal substance. Metal halides are usually covalently bonded. They also can be considered ionic as well.

What type of Substance is formed when a metal reacts with an oxygen?

Any metal that reacts with oxygen will produce a metal oxide. For example, magnesium reacts with oxygen to produce magnesium oxide, and zinc reacts with oxygen to produce zinc oxide. It is helpful to know the general word equation: metal + oxygen -> metal oxide

Products from when sodium reacts with water?

Sodium Hydroxide And Hydrogen Are Formed When Sodium Reacts With Cold Water

Does alkali metals react with water?

yes an alkali metal reacts in water as a transition metal does not

Does cobalt oxide react with hydrochloric acid?

Yes!Remember this, when a metal oxide reacts with an acid, two things are produced:saltwaterSo.......When cobalt oxide reacts with hydrochloric acid, cobalt chloride and water are formed.

What substances are formed when acids react?

That depends on what they react with. If an acid reacts with a metal the products are usually hydrogen gas and a salt. If one reacts with a base the products are usually water (or a weak acid) and a salt. If an acid reacts with a carbonate the products are carbon dioxide, water, and a salt.

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