What is fossil rich limestone?

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It's referred to as fossiliferous, like coquina.

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What is fossil-rich limestone?

Fossil rich limestone is limestone with various sea creature fossils in it such as shells. It is organic and fine grained. It is sedimentary... Yea that's it :P

What is the difference between fossil rich limestone and chemical limestone?

fossil rich limestone is made by the earth and is enhance with fossils although the chemical is man made, the two are basically the same.

Is limestone organic chemical or clastic?

Limestone is chemical; though in certain cases, limestone may be organic, when it is composed of the dead remains of organisms (fossils). That's called fossiliferous limestone, or fossil-rich limestone, but regular limestone is just chemical.

What chemical reaction can separate limestone from a fossil?

The limestone containing a fossil would be heaated to a sufficiently high temperature (about 1,800 centigrade).then the limestone would become powder and the fossil which is not as sensitive to heat as limestone would remain un damaged

What rock Can only form underground?

limestone and fossils but limestone can also be a fossil

What is sedimentary rock in which the older rocksunless disruptedare on the bottom?

The type of sedimentary rock in which the older rocks, unless disrupted, are on the bottom is called a fossil-rich limestone. This rock contains fossil remains of prehistoric organisms.

Which famous landforms are made out of fossil limestone?

The pyramid of Giza's outer shell is limestone

What could take a layer of limestone away from a fossil?

If the fossil is replaced with silica the easiest way to remove the limestone is with weak acid such as vinegar. If the fossil is also limestone the best way to free it is by carefully removing the limestone with small picks and drills. This is usually best left to expert conservators as it can be delicate work.

How can you distinguish between a chemical and an organic limestone?

A purely chemical sedimentary limestone would contain no fossil remnants, organic limestone would.

How are coal and limestone different?

LImestone and coal are different because of their outcomes. Limestone , after the cementing, becomes a rock. Coal, after the pressing together, becomes a fossil.

Is limestone a fossil fuel?

Limestone is not a fossil fuel because it is not made from the carbon-containing soft tissues of long dead plants and animals. It is formed by fossils based on animal shells. Limestone is not used as a fuel but is used by industries for other purposes.

Which landform region is rich in fossil fuels?

Landform regions that are rich in fossil fuels include mountainous regions.

Where can you find fossil limestone?

Pretty Much all over Minnesota

Is true or false limestone can be separated from fossils through the use of vinegar?

In most cases both the limestone AND the fossil will be dissolved by the vinegar (eg a crinoid in Carboniferous limestone), so no. However, some fossils (eg echinoderms in the Chalk) are silicified and in these cases dissolving the limestone in vinegar will expose the fossil in spectacular detail and in other cases the fossil will dissolve more slowly than the matrix, so yes. . In other words there is NO true or false answer, fossil preparation and conservation is a discipline in itself.

What has the author Nikolaos Solakius written?

Nikolaos Solakius has written: 'Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the Arnager Limestone, Bornholm, Denmark' -- subject(s): Animals, Fossil, Foraminifera, Fossil, Fossil Animals, Fossil Foraminifera

Does limestone have fossils?

Some Limestone is entirely composed of fossil evidence, though what is visibly seen as a 'fossil' (e.g. a shell fragment etc.) also occur, but nonetheless, some limestones are composed entirely of ancient hard parts (shells etc.). Chalk is composed entirely of Coccoliths, which are microscopic shells. Oolitic limestone, however, is not a fossil rock, but does often contain fossils. Coal is a fossil rock as it is composed entirely of ancient plant material.

Would you expect to find fossils in limestone?

Yes! In short, it is because marine organisms make their home out of calcite which eventually forms into limestone and when the organisms die, some fragments of the fossil stay in the limestone! So yes :)

In what type of rock do you find a fossil?

Fossils are found in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone, limestone, and shale.

What is a rock that contains a fossil called?

It is called a sedimentary rock. This can include limestone and sandstone.

Can limestone be separated from fossils with vineger?

Limestones are difficult to chip without damaging the fossil . However a limestone can be dissovled by the use of vinegar .A bubbling reaction occurs at the time.

Why were the pharaohs so rich?

There were limestone and rock quarries nearby, which they `farmed` and sold.

What do fossil fuels contain that make them energy rich?

Fossil fuels are energy rich because they contain carbon. The carbon is broken down to create oil for human uses.

Why is limestone much softer than marble?

Limestone is softer than marble because of how they are formed inside. Marble consists of tightly interlocked crystals, which makes it stronger than limestone. Limestone consists of small fossil fragments and smaller crystals, which makes it weaker than marble.

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