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What is framework for multimedia system?

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CPU is main part of computer,or it is brain of computer,CPU is the most important element of a computer system.

The CPU also know as, Processor, central processor,microprocessor,it is a brain of computer.

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What makes up a multimedia system?

The basic components of multimedia system are its user, a computer system and multimedia. Multimedia comprises one or more of video, text, audio and images.

What is the difference between multimedia and multimedia system?

Since Multimedia technology and multimedia system are complementary part of each other ,so the difference between them is not so crucial. But one can pinpoint following differences: 1. Multimedia technology is computer based interactive applications having multiple media elements such as audio,video,text,image etc whereas multimedia system is the system that processes multimedia data and applications. 2. Multimedia system implements multimedia technologies and in turn it is used for enhancing multimedia technology whereas multimedia technology manages both the hardware and software to create and run multimedia system

What is the suitable opreating system for multimedia applications?

A real time operating system in multimedia applications.

Application areas of multimedia system?

1.multimedia in business 2.multimedia in school/colleges 3.multimedia in home 4.multimedia in public place 5.multimedia in virtual realities

What is multimedia explain three advantages and three disadvantages of using multimedia applications?

various classes of multimedia system

Conceptual framework of online ordering system?

conceptual framework of online ticketing system

What is multimedia system architecture?

Multimedia system architecture is the designing of a system that can manipulate data. This data is in different forms such as sound, graphics and text.

What is a suitable operating system for Multimedia Development?

Apple computers have a very suitable operating system for multimedia development. That company have been developers of various formats in the multimedia field.

What system provides a framework to support the body?

The skeletal system provides the framework to support the body.

What definition audio in multimedia?

"audio" means "sound", it is the sound components of the multimedia system.

What is a business multimedia system?

a business multimedia system includes equipment, programs, and people organized for the purposes of communication, data storage and retrieval systems (multimedia databases and electronic filing systems),

What system is the framework of the body?

Skeletal system

What does MMS stand for on a cell phone?

multimedia messaging, multimedia messaging system, or something to that effect.

What are the elements of multimedia system?

elements of multimediatextgraphics/picturessoundsvideomovements

What organ system provides a framework of support for the body?

The skeletal system provides a framework of support for the body, in conjunction with the muscular system as activated by the nervous system.

Disadvantages of multimedia system?

A multimedia system is capable of handling multimedia data and applications such as texts, images, sounds, videos and animations. Some disadvantages of using it are: it is expensive, difficult to configure and requires special hardware.

What is the basic framework of the human body?

The basic Framework is the skeletal systemskeleton

What does multimedia mean in car audio system?

Multimedia represents entertainment, such as a multimedia player on your computer. This refers to your music, mp3's, radio, DVD ect.

Who or what decided the framework of the federal court system?

The constitution gives the framework for the government and courts.

Framework of your body?

skeletal system

How do you use the word framework in a sentence?

Your skeletal system is the framework of your body. The diplomats worked to establish a framework for future international agreements.

Which body system supports the body with a framework?

skeletal system

Is Windows XP greater than Windows DirectX 9.0?

Windows XP is an operating system. DirectX 9 is an API framework for gaming and multimedia programs. DirectX is a componentof Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Vista.

What does the skeletal system compare to?

The framework of a building

What system provides the basic framework for the body?

The Skeletal or Musculoskeletal System

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