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This is..... Within TOU (Terms of Use) I, you, anyone can say whatever they want to and anyone can read it that has internet access. I can tell you all about Napoleon Bonaparte, argue the toss about Republicanism, write nonsense or involve myself in humour or pathos or be passionate or trivial. Never before in History has any individual had such a means of saying what they will: Guard it preciously. Defend it with all your might, engage opponents & value friends. Freedom of Expression is perhaps the most precious thing any of us can have. That this site enables me, you, many, many others to say as we do what we do is something I had never even dreampt of a year ago: I commend it to all who use it and egage with it.

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Q: What is freedom of expression?
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WHAT Freedom of expression is limited by what?

one of the circumstances for freedom of expression is censorship.

What are some of the benefits of freedom of expression?

1. Freedom of expression supports our democracy 2. Freedom of expression helps us grow as individuals 3. Freedom of expression advances knowledge 4. Freedom of expression makes peaceful change in society possible

Can the Government limit freedom of expression?

offcourse there are already limits on freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is limited by what?

one of the circumstances for freedom of expression is censorship.

Who the founders of freedom of expression?

the founders of the constitution. they protected the freedom of expression in the U.S. Constitution

Censorship is a government imposed limit on which of the following?

Individuals freedom of expression,- Apex!Individuals' freedom of expressionIndividuals' freedom of expression

When was International Freedom of Expression Exchange created?

International Freedom of Expression Exchange was created in 1992.

How do you use freedom of expression in a sentence?

by yelling freedom

Does Bosnia have freedom of speech?

Yeah, they have freedom of expression.

What is the freedom of expression?

The freedom of expression is when people could publicly criticize the established political system without fear of being arrested. -------------or------------- freedom of expression is limited by what Censorship--APEX APEXVS.COM

What was voltaires main belief?

it was freedom of expression freedom of thought and freedom or religious

What are Freedom of religion and freedom of expression?

Freedom of religion allows people to believe what they want and to express themselves through a church or not. There is no state religion and the government is secular. Freedom of expression is freedom of speech.

What countries do not have the freedom of expression?


How is freedom of expression limited?


How do you define freedom?

freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear of war and aggression.

What was Voltaire three main beliefs?

it was freedom of expression freedom of thought and freedom or religious

Do dress codes violate freedom of expression?

Well in the first amendment it does say that you have freedom of expression. How do clothes hurt anything?

Whats freedom of expression?

It's the guarentee that you can have freedom to express yourself.

What does the freedom of the press not protect?

Freedom of the Press is the freedom of communication and expression in media and published materials.

What were the four freedoms president rooevelt?

Freedom of Speech and expression Freedom of Worship Freedom from Want Freedom from Fear

What puts a limit on censorship?

Freedom of expression

Censorship puts a limit on what?

Freedom of expression

What basic rights would you add to the declaration?

Freedom of expression and freedom of speech

What constitutional freedom did Joseph McCarthy endanger?

The first amendment/freedom of expression

How does the first amendment guarantee freedom of expression?

It protects freedom of expression by letting people show their feeling without being harmed for doing it.