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What is freezing point in manganese?


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freezing point: 1245°C


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The melting point of manganese is 1 246 0C.

The melting point of manganese is 1246°C

It is a characteristic of solutions that the freezing point of the mixture is lower than the freezing point of the solvent alone. This is called freezing point depression.

Yes. Freezing point is the temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid. Freezing point depression is the lowering of a substance's freezing point by adding a nonvolatile solute.

The freezing point on Mars is the same as the freezing point on Earth, 0 oC

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everything has a freezing point

the freezing point is 100

273 is the freezing point.

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The answer depends on the freezing point of WHAT!

a freezing point is were it is really cold and the normal freezing poit is were it is gust the same

The freezing point is the same as the melting point.

You must know the freezing point of the pure substance first. Freezing point depression happens when you have a substance with impurities (the amount and type of the impurities determines the change in freezing point). So once you have your recorded freezing point of your slightly impure substance (the FP that you measure), subtract that from the literature value for the freezing point of the pure substance (this can be found online for your particular substance), and there you have your depression. (Freezing point of a solution)=(freezing point of the pure substance) - (freezing point depression.

Its freezing point is at 1345 F

Freezing Point is 1455 °C

Cardboard hasn't a freezing point.

Limestone hasn't a freezing point.

Vinegar will not affect the freezing point of vinegar.

boiling point is 629K freezing point is 234K

No, but the freezing point and melting point of a substance are the same.

The melting point of Manganese is1519 K (1246 °C, 2275 °F)

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