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What is french for windsurfing?

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planche à voile

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Do you need a windsurfing license to windsurf?

you do not need a windsurfing license to windsurf but you can get RYA certificates in windsurfing as proof of your skill in windsurfing. there are instructor licenses that you must have in order to instruct windsurfing however

How old do you have to be to start windsurfing?

there is no age limit on windsurfing

When was windsurfing invented?

Windsurfing was invented in Hayling Island,Hants.UK

When was windsurfing invented and who invented?

Newman Derby invented windsurfing

What kind of equipment do wind surfers need?

The types of equipment windsurfers need include the windsurfing board, clothing, paddle board, windsurfing booms, windsurfing fins, windsurfing sails, and more.

What is windsurfing-?

The official definition for windsurfing is "the sport or pastime of riding on water on a sailboard."

What year did windsurfing start?

it started when they learned how to make board's for windsurfing. which was probaly about the 1700s

What has the author Uwe Preuss written?

Uwe Preuss has written: 'Windsurfing' -- subject(s): Windsurfing

What has the author Penny Way written?

Penny Way has written: 'Competitive windsurfing' -- subject(s): Windsurfing

In what year did windsurfing become a woman's Olympic event?

Women's windsurfing debuted at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

What has the author Dan Morgan written?

Dan Morgan has written: 'Beginning windsurfing' -- subject(s): Windsurfing 'Guitar'

Where are the windsurfing events at the 2009 Olympics being held?

The Olympics was held in 2008 and it did include windsurfing in the Sailing category Sailing in 2008 is down to 2 categories for windsurfing, one for men and one for women.

How does science make windsurfing possible?

Natural phenomina make windsurfing possible. Science is merely a tool for measuring and understanding these phenomina.

Where in Florida could one go to learn to windsurf?

There are many windsurfing camps in Florida that will be able to help one learn how to windsurf. Some of these camps include Calema, SFWA, Sailboards Miami, US Windsurfing and NB Windsurfing.

What are the release dates for The Titans of Windsurfing - 2006 TV?

The Titans of Windsurfing - 2006 TV was released on: USA: 27 May 2006

What is the safeset windsurfing equipment I need to buy?

Unfortunately windsurfing is an inherently dangerous sport. If you want something safe you might try a different sport.

Is it possible to turn through 360 degrees in windsurfing?

Yes, it is! There a lot of tricks that involve making a 360 in windsurfing. For example an easy one: the Board 360.

Where was windsurfing invented?

Wind Surfing was invented in Polynesia.

How does windsurfing impact on the environment?

no impact or effect on the environment.

What countries windsurf?

Windsurfing is most popular in the Western World in warmer waters. Some popular windsurfing countries are the United States, Italy, Germany, Australia, and France.

What is similar between surfing and windsurfing?

Surfing means that you are surfing on any surface. Windsurfing means that the wind is the propeller, no matter which surface you are on. Similarity is concerning only to the action of surfing.

What activities can you do on swan river?

Windsurfing, Para-sailing and sailing.

Where was boardsailing or windsurfing invented?

Southern California by Jim Drake

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