What is frequency modulation?

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frequency modulation stands for FM (on your radio).

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"frequency modulation stands for FM"

No it doesn't. On the contrary, f.m. stands for frequency modulation.

Frequency modulation is the method of impressing information on an r.f. carrier by changing its frequency back and forth in sympathy with the informatiion signal.

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A wave has a frequency of 250 hertz what is the period of the wave

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Q: What is frequency modulation?
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What does FM stands for Frequency modulation or fast modulation?

FM means Frequency Modulated.FM stands for modulation on frequency or frequency modulation.

In frequency modulation the ratio of the maximum deviation from the idling frequency to the audio modulation frequency is what?

Modulation index.

What is the difference between frequency modulation and phase modulation?

The difference between frequency modulation and phase modulation is that with frequency modulation the angular frequency of the signal is modified while with the phase modulation, the phase angle of the signal is modified.

What is the relationship between frequency modulation and the frequency carrier to the modulation index in the AM modulation?


When modulation frequency is double the modulation index is halF and the modulating voltage remains constant the modulation system is?

frequency modulation..

How does frequency modulation carry information?

in frequency modulation, frequency of carrier signal changes. so frequency variations of carrier convey all the information in frequency modulation.

Does modulation schemes depends on frequency?

Modulation schemes depends on frequency.

Define modulation and modulation index?

a measure of the degree of frequency modulation expressed numerically for a pure tone modulation as the ratio of the frequency deviation to the frequency of the modulating signal.

What is Modulation index in Frequency modulation?

Modulation Index is the ratio of the maximum deviation frequency to the frequency of modulation. In other words it is the ratio of the spread in frequency spectrum to the frequency that was used to modulate the carrier. For FM, modulation index is given by the formula mf= df/f where, mf=modulation index for FM df=difference in carrier frequency f=frequency of the signal

Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation range in India?

Normal frequency range for amplitude modulation is 550kHz to 1610kHz

What are the two types of angle modulation?

Frequency Modulation and Phase Modulation

Comparison of amplitude modulation and frequency modulation?

Amplitude of the (high frequency) Carrier signal is varied with respect to low frequency of message signal is called amplitude modulation. Frequency of the carrier signal is varied with respect to low frequency of message signal is called frequency modulation.

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