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What is frequency polygon?

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A frequency polygon is a simple way of representing quantitative data. It is usually used for ungrouped data (a histogram is more commonly used for grouped data).

It is a plot of points whose x-coordinate represents values that are observed and the y-coordinate is a count of the number of times the value was observed. These points are joined together using straight lines to form the frequency polygon.

Often the first point is joined to a point on the x-axis that is one unit before the x-coord of the first point, and the last point is joined to a point on the x-axis that is one unit after the x-coord of the last point to complete the polygon.

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What is A graphic representation of a frequency distribution constructed by connecting the class midpoints with lines?

This is called a frequency polygon.

What is a frequency polygon graph?

In a Frequency Polygon, a line graph is drawn by joining all the midpoints of the top of the bars of a histogram. A frequency polygon gives the idea about the shape of the data distribution. The two end points of a frequency polygon always lie on the x-axis.

The difference between a histogram and a frequency polygon is?

the basic difference between histogram and frequency polygon is that histogram uses bars to show its frequency and frequeny polygon uses points and join its staight line

How is a frequency curve in statistics different from a frequency polygon?

In order to plot the points on either the frequency polygon or curve, the mid values of the class intervals of the distribution are calculated. Then the frequencies with respect to the mid points are plotted. However in a frequency curve the points are joined by a smooth curve, where as in a frequency polygon the points are joined by straight lines. Apart from this major difference, a frequency polygon is a closed figure where as the frequency curve is not.

What are advantages and disadvantages of frequency polygon?

A frequency polygon is not very effective in displaying group data when the class sizes are not the same.

What is the difference between a cummulative frequency graph and a cumulative frequency polygon?

A cumulative frequency polygon has straight lines connecting the points. A normal cumulative frequency diagram uses a smooth curve to join the points.

What is a cumulative frequency polygon?

By its very nature, measuring cumulative frequency on either axis of a graph will produce a continuing line on the opposite axis. Therefore, it is impossible to construct a closed frequency polygon when dealing with cumulative frequency.

What is Frequency curve?

A frequency curve is a graph obtained by joining the points of a frequency polygon freehand smoothly.

What you s a frequency polygon used for?


How do you form a frequency polygon from a frequency diagram?

Identify the midpoint of the top of each bar of the frequency diagram. Join these together and they will form a frequency polygon. Sometimes the polygon is extended down to the horizontal axis to where the midpoints of the bar before the first bar would have been and where the bar after the last bar would have been.

What are frequency Polygon?

Frequency polygons are graphical devices used for understanding the shapes of distribution.

What is another name for a cumulative frequency polygon?


Another name for cumulative frequency polygon?


How do you create a percentage frequency histogram?

what is the difference between a regular histogram and a percent frequency polygon

What is difference between frequency polygon and line graph?

The difference between frequency polygon and line graphs is their purpose. Frequency polygons are for understanding shapes distributions, while line graphs shows information that is related in some way.

What is five letter name for cumulative frequency polygon?


What is another name for cumulative frequency polygon?

It is called an ogive.

What is A line chart or frequency polygon is based on?

It is based on some data.

How do you work out the mean from a frequency polygon?

Go to www. Google translate

What is the difference between an ogive and a frequency polygon?

The ogive never close because they represent non-decreasing functions, and polygon you close it.

Who invented the frequency polygon?

Chairman Mow, Joesph Stallin and Adolf Hitleir

When is line diagram more appropriate than a frequency polygon?

For ungrouped data.

What uses line segments connected to points directly above class midpoints values?

frequency polygon

What are some advantages of a dot plot over a frequency polygon?

Dotplot allow you to identify original values

What goes on the X-axis of a frequency polygon?

The categories, variable values or midpoints of class-intervals.