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What is front-end office Automation?

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2007-12-30 19:47:44

A front-end application is one that directly interacts

with people or users. Marketing researchers often use a database as

a front-end to a statistical analysis program. The researchers

enter the results of market questionnaires or surveys into a

database. The data is then transferred to a statistical analysis

program to determine the potential for a new product or the

effectiveness of an advertising campaign. A back-end

application interacts with other programs or applications; it

only indirectly interacts with people or users. When people request

information from a Web site on the Internet, the Web site can

interact with a database (the back end) that supplies the desired

information. For example, you can connect to a university Web site

to find out whether the university's library has a book you want to

read. The Web site then interacts with a database that contains a

catalog of library books and articles to determine whether the book

you want is available. Reference: Reynolds/Stair. (2006).

Fundamentals of Information Systems, 3e. p. 115

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