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What is fruity urine smell?


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A fruity urine smell is normally indicative of Diabetes. The fruity smell is attributed to the presence of ketones in urine.

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diabetes raises the ketone level in the body and these have a fruity or floral sweet smell.

Diabetes is the first thing that comes to mind. See a doctor ASAP and find out.

Acetone (nail polish remover), or pear drops. Some people call it a 'fruity' smell. The smell is more easily noticed on the patient's breath than in the urine.

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A person who is fasting may notice that their breath will begin to smell fruity. This is because the body is going into ketosis. This is also common amongst those who have diabetes.

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Actually fresh urine doesn't smell. It only starts to smell a while later because of the bacteria that gets onto the urine. Fresh urine can smell if the person is dehydrated, and therefore the urine is more concentrated.

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