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Examples at standard conditions: carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, propane, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, etc.

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What compound is nh3?

It stands for Ammonia.A basic gaseous compound.

What is the compound of CH4?

CH4 is methane, a gaseous compound at room temperature

Is radon an alone or in a compound?

Radon is a gaseous chemical element not a compound.

What is the name of the compound whose formula is H2S?

Compound is Hydrogen sulphide.A colorless gaseous compound.

Is carbon monoxide a mixture?

no, it is a gaseous compound

Is fluorine a compound or element?

gaseous element

Is CO a compound or mixture?

CO (carbon monoxide) is gaseous compound, not a mixture.

Is air a molecule or compound?

"Air", by which I presume you mean the atmosphere, is a gaseous compound.

Is steam an element mixtur or a compound?

Steam is a compound. It is actually water in the gaseous state.

How do you spell carbondioxed?

The gaseous compound is "carbon dioxide."

What state is ammonia at room temperature?

Its a gaseous compound.

Is gaseous ammonia mixture?

Ammonia is a compound, not a mixture.

How much energy released by dihydrogen in gaseous state?

No energy at all. Hydrogen (H2) is a stable gaseous compound.

Is helium inside a balloon a compound?

Helium is not a compound; it's a single element in its gaseous form.

Is steam a heterogeneous mixture solution compound or element?

Steam is water in the gaseous phase - a compound.

What is an example of an everyday element or compound that is normally in the gaseous phase?


What state is a covalent compound in room temperature?

liquid or gaseous

Is steam an element compound heterogenous or solution?

Steam is simply water in a gaseous state, so it is a compound.

Is nitrogen monoxide acidic?

Chemical formula for this is NO. it is a neutral gaseous compound.

Why is steam coming from a pan of boiling water a compound?

Steam is water in a gaseous state. Water is a compound (H2O).

Is CO2 a compound?

Carbon dioxide is an inorganic gas (a gaseous compound or substance). CO2 is the chemical formula of carbon dioxide.

CO2 is what compound?

Carbon dioxide is an inorganic gas (a gaseous compound or substance). CO2 is the chemical formula of carbon dioxide.

What is the chemical name for ch4?

Chemical name is Methane.A gaseous neutral compound

Is brass a gaseous compound?

Brass is a sold alloy; an alloy of copper and zinc.

How many ions present in CO2?

CO2 is a covalent gaseous compound, not ionic.