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Gaelic football is an Irish football. Gaelic means Irish. Obviously then the Gaelic our Irish people

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Q: What is gealic and who are the gealic?
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What is Gealic for 'my children'?

mo chlann

Was Irish spoken in northwest?

Ulster Gealic

What has the author Gealic Broadcasting Committee written?

Gealic Broadcasting Committee. has written: 'Gaelic Broadcasting Committee annual report & accounts 1999-00'

How do you pronuce Vincent in gealic Irish?

inshin (Uinseann)

What is the meaning of the name Maguire?

i think its gealic, and means "subtle"

What does sonair anair mean in Gaelic?

nothing in irish gealic..

Who is the saint of gealic football?

There is no patron saint of Gaelic Football.

How do you say Susan in Gealic?

In Irish: Susanna In Scottish Gaelic: Siùsan

How do you say murtha in gealic?

In Irish it's: Muirthe (murha) / Muirithe (muriha)

What is Saints and Sinners in Scottish Gaelic?

Irish Gealic isnaomh agús peacach

Where is gaylic?

Do you mean the Celtic language Gealic all over northern Europe

What is you are a great pen pal in gealic?

In Irish it's "Is maith an cara pinn thú"