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A passage in The Bible that states that God opened up her womb or in other words caused her to conceive by her husband, Jacob.

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Q: What is genesis 29 31?
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Who is Levi's mother in the Bible?

Leah. See Genesis 29: 31 and 34.

Where did Rachel from the Old Testament live?

Rachel was from Haran. (Genesis 29:1-6) but also lived with Jacob as he traveled back to Canaan and other places over the years.(Genesis 31:17-18)

What is a Bible verse regarding all plants?

See the Bible, King James Version, Genesis, Chapter 1 verses 11 & 12, see also Genesis, chapter 1 verses 29-31

What is the product of 31 and 29?

31 multiplied by 29 is 899.

What were Leah's kids names?

ReubenFound in Genesis 29: 32Means: "See, a son." or "Behold, a son."SimeonFound in Genesis 29:33Means: "Hearing"LeviFound in Genesis 29:34Means: "Joined" or "Attached"JudahFound in Genesis 29:35Means: "Yah (God) be praised."IssacharFound in Genesis 30:18Means: "Man of Hire"ZebulunFound in Genesis 30:20Means: "Dwelling"DinahFound in Genesis 30:21Means: "Judged; vindicated"

What is 899 divided 31?


Are 29 and 31 prime?

29 and 31 are both prime numbers.

What is the sum of 31 27 29?

It is: 31+27+29 = 87

How many children did Jacob of the Bible have?

Jacob's wives bore twelve sons and one daughter. In order of their first mention in the Bible, these are named: Reuben (Genesis 29:32), Simeon (Genesis 29:33), Levi (Genesis 29:34), Judah (Genesis 29:35), Dan (Genesis 30:5), Naphtali (Genesis 30:7), Gad (Genesis 30:10), Asher (Genesis 30:12), Issachar (Genesis 30:17), Zebulun (Genesis 30:19), Dinah (Genesis 30:21), Joseph (Genesis 30:23), and Benjamin (Genesis 35:18)

Who is Sarai in The Bible?

Sarai's name is first mentioned in Genesis 11:29-31. Sarai was Abram's wife before her name was changed by God to Sarah.

What is 29 over 31 as a percentage?

Expressed as a percentage, rounded to two decimal places, 29/31 is equal to 29/31 x 100 = 93.55 percent.

Is the name Rachel in the Bible?

Yes, in the book of Genesis. Read Genesis chapters 29-35.

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