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Q: What is giant panda's common and scientific name?
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What is the pandas scientific name?

Well, there are many types of panda species, but the most Common is The Giant Panda, and its Scientific Name is Ailuropoda Melanoleuca, trust me you will never find the scientific name for "Panda" just use "Giant Panda" they look no different

What is the giant pandas scientific name?

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

The scientific name for pandas?

the binomial name for the "giant panda" is Ailuropoda melanoleuca

What is giant anteater's common name?

The Giant Anteater is it's common name. It's scientific name although is: Myrmecophaga tridactyla

What is the pandas name in french?

'les pandas' and 'les pandas géants' for the giant pandas.

How did the pandas get the name giant panda?

Well pandas are very big so they are giant. They can get to be very tall and wide.

What Is The Scientific Name for Chinese Giant Salamander?

the scientific name for chinese giant salamander is......... giant salamander of china

What is the scientific name and common names of pandan?

Ailuropoda melanoleuca is scientifical name of giant panda

What is the scientific name of panda?

There are two types of pandas: Red Panda and the Giant Panda.The scientific name for:Red panda: Ailurus fulgensGiant Panda: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

How did pandas get their name giant panda?

They are called giant pandas to reduce confusion between giant pandas and red pandas. they are considerably large compared to red pandas therefore making them giant

What is the scientific name of giant kelp?

The scientific name for Giant kelp is Macrocystis pyrifera.

What is another name for giant pandas?


Why do the giant pandas and the red pandas have the same name?

Because they are both types of panda.

What is the scientific name for giant horse?

Equus caballus is the scientific name for horse. The word giant is not part of the name.

What is the scientific name for a giant anteater?

The scientific name of the giant anteater is Myrmecophaga tridactyla.

Name one endangered animal?

Giant Pandas

How is a giant panda different from a red panda?

Giant Pandas are part of the bear family, while Red Pandas are mainly related to raccoons, despite their name.

What is a pandas scientific name?

Ailuropoda melanoluca.

What is scientific name for a giant panda?

The scientific name for the giant panda is Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

What is the scientific name for the giant panda bear?

Ailuropoda melanoleuca is the scientific name of the giant panda bear.

What is the meaning of the giant pandas name?

black and white panda

What is the group name for giant pandas?

If you mean, "What is a group of giant pandas called?" I don't think there is a name for a group of pandas as they are normally solitary animals. The exceptions to that are a breeding pair and a female with a cub.Taxonomically speaking, giant pandas belong to the family Ursidae (aka the bear family; yes pandas are bears not raccoons), the genus Ailuropoda, and the species Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

Is there any giant pandas living in captivity now?

Yes. The San Diego Zoo currently houses 3 giant pandas name Gao Gao, Bai Yun, and Yun Zi. You can check out these pandas on the zoo's website.

Do pandas have a scientific name?

All animals, all plants, all fungi, all living organisms in general have a scientific/Latin/binomial name.The giant panda has the name Ailuropoda melanoleuca. The lesser, or red, panda has the name Ailurus fulgens.

Why are the Red Pandas and the Giant Pandas from different Families?

Because the giant panda is more like the koala and the red panda is more like the raccoon. But they both have panda in thier name