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You can never second-guess others. She could be shy and if very young she could be giggling away with her girlfriends quite pleased that you like her. The best thing to do is ask her out on a date and she may well accept, but if she doesn't don't take it too much to heart because love is all about chemistry. To never try in life is giving up and one doesn't want to live with "what ifs." We all have had negative feedback from others and that's just part of life. Good luck Marcy

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2006-04-17 20:16:19
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Q: What is going on when a girl found out you liked her but ever since that she doesn't even make eye contact with you anymore and her friends keep staring at you?
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What do you do when your best friend doesnt want to be best friends anymore and you don't know why?

Move on.

Signs he is losing interest in you?

If he starts hanging out with his friends for ridiculous amounts of time. If he doesnt really compliment you anymore. If he calls you less and less. If he doesnt touch you as much as he used to or if he doesnt like, stare right into your eyes anymore. I hope this helps

What does it mean if a boy constantly used to flirt with you usually staring and smiling but now he isn't doing that as often as usual?

If a boy used to flirt with you 24/7 and now he doesnt its proboly because he doesnt like you anymore.

What should you do if your best friends doesnt play with you anymore and plays with someone you don't like?

try to become friends with the other person too

If a guy doesnt want to be with you anymore why cant he just say so?

He doesnt want to because he either wants to be friends or not have you melt down and go syco

What does it mean when she says let's be good friends first and let it be?

It means she doesnt want anymore from you than freindship.

Dealership no longer exist and financial company doesnt do loans anymore?

the dealership doesnt exist anymore and the financial company doesnt do auto loans anymore

If a guy is always staring often and then he ignores you what does that mean?

Like straight up ignores you? well, he maybe doesnt like you anymore?If you mean he like turns his head when you notice,he likes you.

What does it mean if he doesnt care what you do where you go anymore but he use to does this mean he doesnt love you anymore?

he just trusts you

If a girl tell you to erase her phone?

she means she doesnt like you anymore or she doesnt want to date you anymore.

What does it mean when you used to be friends with someone you had an affair with but now since the affair stopped he doesnt talk to you anymore?

say sorry and move on

How can you tell if she doesnt like you anymore?

text message shortened. blunt expression. laughing with her girlfriends and glancing at u. avoiding eye contact.

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