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Grass Pokemon are weak against Fire, Ice, psychic, Poison, Flying, and Bug type moves. The effectiveness of these types of attacks may be increased or decreased if the Pokemon has two types. For example, Bulbasaur is a dual Grass / Poison, so Poison attacks are not as effective.

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Q: What is good against Grass Pokemon?
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What is fire Pokemon good against?

Fire Pokemon are good against grass and bug type Pokemon.

What Pokemon are best against Wallace?

Electric Pokemon, and Grass Pokemon are good against water

What Pokemon are good against quagsire?

grass types

In Pokemon what is poison good against?

Bug and grass. (>'_'<)

What type is bug good against in Pokemon?


What is good against water in Pokemon tower defense?

Grass pokemon

What is good against lapras?

Any electric or grass Pokemon is good against Lapras.

What Pokemon are good against ground?

Ice, Grass, Water

What are grass Pokemon good against?

Water, ground and rock.

What type of Pokemon do good against water type?

grass and electric

What is good against water type Pokemon?

Grass and Electric types

What Pokemon are good against fighting?

flying and psychic

What Pokemon is good against water?

electric grass and i think poisen

Is grass Pokemon good against rock?

Yes, Grass attacks are super effective against Rock-type Pokemon. Watch out for dual-typed Rock Pokemon, though - some have dual types that are super effective against Grass types.

What is the Pokemon croconaw weak against?

good pikachu or a strong grass type

What Pokemon types are good against water?

electric and grass are all I can think of

What Pokemon are good against grass types?

Fire, flying, bug, ice, and psychic. I hate grass Pokemon they're so weak!

What does Fire Pokemon Defeat on Pokemon Diamond?

Fire types are good against Steel,Ice,Bug,and Grass Pokemon.

Is grass good against fighting in Pokemon?

Grass moves are neither supper effice on not effictive its better to use a psychic to fight a fighting pokemon

What are grass type Pokemon strong against?

Grass type Pokemon are strong against Water, Ground and Rock.

What is effective against snow type Pokemon?

The following are good against ice type Pokemon... Fire Grass Ice

Does grass beat water in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, because grass absorbs water. So grass is good against water. It doesn't matter what version of Pokemon you are playing - grass always beats water.

What are the best Pokemon for every type?

grass= good against water, rock water=good against fire,rock steel fire= good against steel, grass, bug ice=good against grass, electric dark=good against anything ghost=good against normal, fighting fighting=good against normal flying good against fighting rock good against flying steel good against electric, flying poison=good against bug, flying, normal psychic=good against fighting, poison dragon good against dragon,

What is grass type Pokemon weak against?

Grass type Pokemon are weak against Ice, Fire, Poison, Bug and Flying.

What are flying Pokemon good against?

Flying type moves are super-effective against grass, bug, and fighting Pokemon. However, they are only half-as-effective against electric, rock, and steel Pokemon.