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What is grammar?

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Grammar of a language is the study of the rules of using the words of that language in sentences or in communication. Roughfly speaking, it is the study of the behavior of words.

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Is it grammar or grammar?

It is grammar.

Is grammar spelled grammar in the US?

No, grammar is spelled grammar in the U.S.

What is better townly grammar or bexley grammar?

townly grammar

What is the difference between descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar?

There is no difference. Neither exists. Grammar is grammar, period.

What are the different types of grammar?

Different types of grammar. Stratificational grammar, transformational grammar, universal grammar, tagmemic grammar, phrase structure grammar, incorporating grammar, synthetic grammar, inflectional grammar, analytic grammar, distributive grammar, isolating grammar, traditional grammar, the new grammar*. -- (from Webster's New World Dictionary) RobbieWell, this question is harder to answer than it looks. Grammar can be subdivided in several different ways. (1) English education majors often study traditional, structural and generative grammars, which are different means of studying language. (2) On the other hand, you might be looking for standards of grammar, which would include prescriptive (rules of do and don't), descriptive (descriptions of what speakers and writers actually do), and formal (grammar used in computer programming). (3) Grammar, also, has several subfields: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

What is regular grammar?

Grammar that we all use, there is no other kind of grammar.

Is this grammar?

Yes, it is grammar, but your spelling is wrong; it's spelt grammar.

What is the difference between constituency grammar and dependency grammar?

Dependency grammar lacks phrasal nodes; constituency grammar (or traditional grammar) uses phrasal nodes.

greek grammatik for a letter?

Meaning grammar

English grammar is more difficult to learn then rushian grammar?

English grammar is more difficult to learn then rushian grammar?

What are freaking grammar freaks?

Freaking Grammar Freaks are Grammar Freaks that are Freaking out!!!

What is grammar of sound?

The grammar of sound is sound-related grammar. ---Julia M.

Difference between Traditional grammar and Communicative grammar?

All grammar is traditional and communicative. Grammar is grammar. It is the way a language works. It changes over time, as the language evolves. There is a school of thought however that differentiates between traditional and modern grammar. While traditional grammar is static and does not change, modern grammar is the amorphous, fluid shifting of the rules of grammar over time.

What is the dimension of grammar?

Grammar is infinite.

Which is proper grammar she did not has or she did not have?

"She did not have" is the proper grammar.

How is grammar gray?

boring grammar

What is the correct spelling for grammar?


What is a sentence for grammar?

Good grammar is very important in order to not be misunderstood.I went to a good grammar school.Your grammar is appallingly atrocious.

What is traditional grammar?

Traditonal grammar is grammar that is used as of capitalizng important events of traditon

What is another term for generative grammar?

Another term for generative grammar is 'transformational grammar'.

Is grammar important than conversation skills?

Ofcourse Grammar beacuse with out grammar how can we speak :)

Use the word grammar school in a sentence?

Most of the grammar is taught in grammar school. China has highest grammar schools in the world.

Descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar?

Descriptive grammar does not distinguish between correct and incorrect usage, whereas prescriptive grammar does make the distinction.

How do you spell grammar?

The correct spelling is 'grammar'.

Why do you need grammar?

There is no language without grammar.