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'She does not have her book' is grammatically correct.

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Q: What is grammatically correct she does not has her book or she does not have her book?
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Is it correct to say that book was written by I?

No, the grammatically correct way to say that would be: I wrote the book.

Is these here book can't be checked out of the library correct?

If you mean grammatically correct, then no. "This book can't be checked out of the library" would be acceptable.

He concurs this book is good Is this grammatically correct?

The sentence: "He concurs this book is good." is not grammatically correct. Alternatives include "He concurs; this book is good." or "He concurs that this book is good." A sentence cannot have two verb-subject pairs without some kind of conjunction.

If the title of a book is the title of an article do you italicize it?

Yes, that makes it grammatically correct.

Is he you and i grammatically correct?

He, you and I is not grammatically correct. The proper way to say this is you, him and I.

When a book is good i get lost in it is this sentence grammatically correct?

When a book is good, I get lost. It was this sentence grammatical corrected.

Is it grammatically correct to say soonest?

Yes, soonest is correct grammatically.

Not like that- is this grammatically correct?

"Not like that" can be grammatically correct, depending on the context.

Is 3-Day tour grammatically correct?

Yes! That is grammatically correct!

Is the phrase for free grammatically correct?

Yes, 'for free', is grammatically correct.

Is you don't miss me do you grammatically correct?

Yes it is a grammatically correct

Which is grammatically correct we currently have or Currently we have?

Currently we have is grammatically correct.

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