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a pool table.

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What has four legs it's green and if it falls out of a tree it will smash you?

This is an old comedic riddle. The answer is a pool table, which had four legs and is covered in green felt. It is meant to be comedic because it is doubtful that a pool table would be in a tree.

Why are the chicken legs turning green?

Specific breeds have green legs, some will actually lay green eggs.

What bones are stronger?

I'm pretty sure your legs are stronger. Because I can bench about 200 pounds, and I can lift 400 pounds with my legs.

Do green sea turtles have legs or fins?

They have legs but they are called flippers.

What does a male praying mantis look like?

its green, thin and has 4 legs and 2 front claw like legs its green, thin and has 4 legs and 2 front claw like legs

How many pounds chicken legs in a cup?

0.35 pounds will be present in a cup.

What are the physical features of the komodo dragon?

It is a wonderful creature with large legs and it can weigh 300 pounds. :*

Why do some chickens have green legs?

The color of the legs is based on breed and genetics.

How are frog legs prepared?

kill them ... then fry them ... then eat them kill them ... then fry them ... then eat them

Why does a leopard have long powerful legs?

leopards have long and powerful legs to kill their prey,to climb the trees,to run to chase their prey and to kill the enemies.

What insect has big back legs and is a good hopper?

cricket, grasshoppers have green legs.

How many legs on a green darner dragonfly?

As with all insects, dragonflies have 6 legs.

How fast can a daddy long legs kill you?

Daddy long legs can't kill you smart one! They are perfectly harmless, although they are a bit creepy looking.

You found a spider with redish orangesh legs black head?

I did? Holy-where is it! Kill it! KILL IT!

Does shaving your legs make them go green?

If u gotta a green shaver, yes. Some women tend to shave their legs this way to make them look "wilder".

Why do your legs fall asleep and how do you awaken them?

It falls asleep because you are not allowing blood to flow to your legs by sitting on them. walk around and let it be for awhile.

What is the birth name of Betty Legs Diamond?

Betty Legs Diamond's birth name is Simon Green.

Can a tick be green?

Yes a tick can be green I had a green one and when it comes off you should take off leftover legs

What do you do if you have a tick?

if you want to get a tick of don't kill it when its on you ! after you get it of kill it and check for any left behind legs in your skin .

What exercises can the elderly do to help strengthen their legs?

Seniors are at risk of having dangerous falls if they don't take the proper precautions and exercise. The related links has some very simple exercises that can be done to help strengthen the legs and prevent these falls.

Does Gary Sinise have fake legs?

No, Gary Sinise does not have fake legs. The character he portrayed in 'Forrest Gump' lost his legs in Vietnam. The filming was done using the green screen technique, in that he acted with his legs covered with a specific shade of green fabric that allowed the computer to erase them in post-production.

Where are the great green bush cricked from?

the great green bush cricked from behind by ruding the legs to together :)

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