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Ground truth data refers to the information which is collected on the location for purposes of remote sensing. This will entail data which relates to the real features of the area.

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A method of making a map in which a survey team collects data from the ground level?

ground surveying

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How did Sojourner Truth help africans Americans?

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What is the best method of verifying data gathered by satellites?

ground truthing

What does the abbreviation GDP stand for?

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How can scientists best verify the accuracy of remote sensing data?

by ground truthing

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What would a meteorologist use to record the weather and interpret data?

A weather balloon loaded with various instruments. And a computer on the ground to record the data. Data is then sent to National Weather Service to formulate the "BIG PICTURE"

What has the author G C Huffman written?

G. C Huffman has written: 'Ground-water data for Michigan, 1977' -- subject(s): Water-supply, Groundwater 'Ground-water data for Michigan 1979' -- subject(s): Water-supply, Groundwater

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How are ground observations used for weather forecasting?

The National Weather Service calls the information that ground observers collect "Ground Truthing". "Even though we the National Weather Service have various types of equipment such as radar and satellite pictures, there's nothing more important than ground truth information".