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What is hair spa?

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A hair spa is another name for a beauty parlor or a hair salon. They focus on beautification of the hair, including cut and style, coloring, highlights, etc.

Many companies sell what they advertise as hair spa products for use at home.

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How much it costs for hair spa treatment?

what is the rate of hair spa

Which what is the shampoo used after hair spa?

which shampoo is good after hair spa

What to use for hair spa for straighten hairs?

hair smoothening spa

What is meaning of hair spa cream?

hair spa is defined as the softening of hair under the skull

Do hair spa with relax treatment can damage hair?

Yes! hHair spa damages hair.

What are the products used for hair spa treatment?

matrix hair spa creambath

Can you use shampoo after doing hair spa?

what shampoo to use after hair spa

Can you use streax hair vatalizer with loreal spa?

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What chemicals use in hair SPA?

the chemicals that are used in hair spa are bad bad stuff. and you can loose hair and get hair lice for over a year. (p.s. never trust the people that work in hair spa)

Does hair spa have any effect on hair colour?

yes hair spa has so many side effects

Should you go for a hair cut before or after a hair spa treatment?

before. because if i had my hair spa, my hairstylist always trim my hair

Does hair spa help to grow hair?


Can you get straight hair with hair spa?

It is possible to get straight hair from a hair spa. You will just need to set up an appointment and follow all their instructions.

Is hair spa has any side effects?

As far as I know, Hair Spa has no side effects.Specially if its Herbal :)

Is hair spa cream good for hair?

no i think

Importance of hair spa to your hair?

Visiting a hair spa is not important, taking good care of your hair is. If you are not sure about the proper ways to take care of your hair, then it would become important for you to visit a hair professional.

Do you need to wash hairs before hair spa s hair s?

No, i guess u don't need to coz in the procedure of hair spa they will wash hairs after hair massage.

Do you need wash hairs after hair spa?


How much is a loreal hair spa kit for?


How big is a Hair Salon and Health Spa?


Where can you purchase Loreal professional Hair spa products online in india?

Hi I am Jasmeen and want to purchase Loreal hair spa (big paking) from loreal company

How often should have hair spa treatment?

Once a month...!

How do you use matrix hair spa cream bath?

Matrix hair spa cream bath is gently massaged into the scalp. It is left to sit on the scalp for 30 minutes and then rinsed out. For the entire day, the hair will be soft and tangle free.

What is hair spa and why do spa on hair?

Hair SPA is done to reduce hair problems like-hairfall,dandruff,itchy scalp,etc.. It involves oil massage of the scalp,shampooing and conditioning.It starts with oiling the scalp and hair,which is followed by shampooing.After shampooing,conditioning treatment is done.It may take around 1 hour for this treatment at salon. It also increases cell metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.

How hair fall stop?

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