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What is hairline stainless steel?


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hairline stainless steel is pointing to its finish or type of coating. literally it has

fine or minute straight lines like hair on its finish.


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There is stainless steel and there is magnaized stainless steel but you can not make regular stainless steel magnetic

steel is steel and there is nothing you can do about it even if it is stainless steel or it i not stainless steel it will rust

Stainless steel becomes stainless when Chromium is added to steel. This makes it resistant to corrosion.

with stainless steel polish with stainless steel polish

a magnet does not attract stainless steel because stainless steel has steel but without stains

Yep, you can weld steel to stainless and you can weld stainless to steel. You can use steel or stainless welding rod in either case but the steel or steel welding rod will of course rust.

Stainless steel because it does not have to be combined with oxygen is stainless. Becauseit is alloyed with chrome and stainless steel.

Well, the answer lies in the question; by saying 'real' stainless steel, you are implying that there are fake metals which go under the name 'stainless steel', thus the difference is that the stainless steel in refigerators is actually stainless steel, and the fake stainless steel is not...thus your question is answered...

No, Stainless steel is not porous. Steel how ever is.

Stainless steel look products aren't actually made from stainless steel. They look like it but they don't have the same properties as stainless steel and are not rust resistant etc.

Stainless steel is mainly composed of iron and 10 % chromium.

Steel and stainless steel tend to weigh around the same, however, stainless steel can sometimes be a bit lighter.

stainless steel is metallic

Stainless steel is Non magnetic.

UTS of 304L Stainless Steel is 586MPa UTS of 304 Stainless Steel is 621MPa

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Stainless Steel is made up of Steel, nickel and chromium.

Ferritic stainless steel are magnetic, containing no nickel and not hardened by heat treatment. For example 409 and 430 stainless steel Martensitic stainless steel are also magnetic and containing no nickel but hardened by heat treatment. For example 410 and 420 stainless steel

stainless steel has high corrosion resistance properties than the mild steel. stainless steel also has hard varieties like martensitic stainless steel which can ignore the hardening capacity of the mild steel.

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