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It is a large hangar (#18), at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in which aircraft are stored, Further, it is believed by some, that parts of or even an entire alien ship, that was said to have crashed in Roswell, New Mexico is or has been housed there.
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What is a hangar as relating to airplanes?

A hangar is a large building where aircraft are kept, both forprotection from the elements and for repairs. The same term is alsoapplied to similar buildings that house submarines. The term aerodrome is usually used for a hangar where oldplanes are kept to show them off to other people and to pre ( Full Answer )

What scales are used in hangar 18 by megadeth?

Hangar 18 uses many dark sounding scales such as: aeolian mode(natural minor), phrygian mode and the locrian mode. How ever, Dave Mustaine plays licks from minor pentatonic scale with added chromatic notes. Marty Friedman uses many notes outside of scales witch creates an exotic sound.. Uh, Marty s ( Full Answer )

Is hangar spelled correct?

It depends of which one you are referring to. A Hangar is a building to place a plane in. A Hanger is a person who hangs something or the device you place an article of clothing on like a coat hanger.

Hangar steak vs skirt steak which is a better cut?

Hanger steak has a meatier taste and is less "stringy"; making it superior for a steak dinner. Skirt Steak has more marbling and "crunchy" exterior when grilled; making it perrfect for fajitas or stir fries. Both are tastier than traditional steak cuts; yet tender if prepared correctly.

What is a Hangar Party?

A 'hangar party' is an event held in an aircraft hangar at an airport, usually catered/with entertainment. They usually have one of three purposes: . Company event for an aviation-related business . Event for an aviation-related organization (not necessarily the business operating the hangar) . ( Full Answer )

How many airplanes will an aircraft hangar hold?

How big is your aircraft hangar? There are little 'T' hangars that only hold one little airplane, to HUGE military and industrial hangars that can cover acres of land.

Ace combat X What are all the planes in the Hangar?

i don't know every one but some of them are the a-10,f-4e,a-6e,ja 37, apalis, f5e, f-1, f-16c, mig-21-93, mir-2000d, f14d, mig-31, fregata, tnd-f3, f-15e, x-29a, xfa-27, su-27, cariburn, f/a-18e, f-117a, rafale m, f-35, gripen c, forenus, su-37, f-22,f/b-22 concept and fenrir wich is the last plane ( Full Answer )

Is a sword a hangar?

No, a hangar sword is a specific reference to decorativebasket-hilted swords. Although modern decorative swords are the most prolific "hangarswords", being usually made of very brittle stainless steel and noteven having good tangs*, there are examples of hangar swords thatdate earlier on, possibly ( Full Answer )

In GTA san Andreas where is the taks hangar?

On the third island(the one at the top) there is a runway withplanes lined up next to it then at the end there is a hangar with aclosed door walk up to it and it should open(only if you havebought the property)

What is REALLY in Hangar Eighteen?

It disappoints me, also, that the military will not allow this information to citizens. Anyone who could tell you the answer would either have to kill you afterward, or the Air Force would come around to kill you yourself. The question is, is it right for them to hide this information? What really ( Full Answer )

Hangar in a sentence?

Example sentence - We pulled the airplane out of the hangar before the sun came up.

How do you unlock a 1998 Plymouth Voyager with a hangar?

You can't....a hangar is where you keep and airplane. But if you had a wire hanger, you would be able to untwist the wire hanger and then proceed to attempt to unlock the car -- but I think your best bet is to call AAA or a locksmith.

In ace combat 5 what are the falken hangar locations?

The Falken hangars are in missions 12A, 12B, 16A, 16B, and 27. The Falken is unlocked by destroying the Falken hangar in each of those missions missions, and then successfully completing those missions. This can be done on any difficulty level and using any combination of Campaign and Free Mission. ( Full Answer )

What machine does NASA use to move the spacecraft from its hangar to the launch pad?

The Space Shuttles are transported on the back of one of the two Crawler-Transporter vehicles. They were both made by the Marion Power Shovel Company in the early 1960s. The Specifications are: Height: 20-26 feet (the crawlers can raise and lower themselves on hydraulic cylinders) Width: 113 feet ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to be 18?

Because that's a part of life. You Have to be 18 so u can vote, drive, etc.

What is kept in a hangar?

A hangar is normallay used to keep aircraft, either in storage or as a place of manufacture, service and repair.

How do you blow up the generator in the hangar in Fallout 3?

Assuming this is the Mothership Zeta addon, you destroy the generator in the same way as when you freed Sally, press the front button to expose the reactor and the cooling rods, interact with each cooling pod to disable them, then back off and watch the generator overload and explode.

Does the word hangars have a Greek origin or a Latin origin?

1852, " shed for carriages ," from Fr. hangar "shed," from M.Fr. hanghart , perhaps an alteration of M.Du. * ham-gaerd "enclosure near a house," or from M.L. angarium "shed in which horses are shod." Sense of "covered shed for airplanes" first recorded in Eng. 1902, from Fr. use in that sense. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between hangar and hanger?

A hanger is an object that is specifically shaped to hang your clothes on. A hangar is a large building used to store airplanes in most cases, but it is known to have been used for government in tell or as a storage facility.

What is the meanig of hangar?

han·gar (noun) ˈhaŋ-ər, ˈhaŋ-gər - shelter, shed; especially : a covered and usually enclosed area for housing and repairing aircraft

On what Air Force base is Hangar 18 located?

Hangar 18 is on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.It was built in 1917, and is claimed by some to house crash damagedUFOs and other alien artifacts.

What are hangars commonly used for?

Hangars are typically used for storing aircraft or spacecraft in protective storage. Hangars can be used to protect aircraft or spacecraft from weather conditions and direct sunlight.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hangar 18 - 2008?

The cast of Hangar 18 - 2008 includes: Ray Boutin as Dr. Welles Michael DeMello as The Soldier Mike Goodreau as 1950s Announcer Aurora Grabill as Jill Ames Candido Mendes as himself Jon Miguel as Andrews Blair Narkiewicz as Female Test Subject 3 Todd Therrien as Dr. Green Mia Van De Water as St. Gen ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Hangar 18 - 1980?

The cast of Hangar 18 - 1980 includes: Philip Abbott as Frank Morrison Betty Ann Carr as Flo Mattson Pamela Bellwood as Sarah Michaels Andrew Bloch as Neal Kelso Robert Bristol as Helicopter Pilot Joseph Campanella as Frank Lafferty Craig Clyde as Captain Wyatt Gary Collins as Steve Bancroft Anne Ga ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Hangar Dance - 2007?

The cast of Hangar Dance - 2007 includes: Bill Atchison as himself Lynn Brownlee as herself Eric de la Cruz as himself Jim Gilman as himself Katherine Huemmer as herself Francis Keith as himself Glen Newton as himself Susan Spanovich as herself Gary Stinar as himself Steve Zoelle as himself

What actors and actresses appeared in Talk im Hangar-7 - 2010?

The cast of Talk im Hangar-7 - 2010 includes: Neil Armstrong as himself Martin Balluch as himself Simone Bauer as herself Felix Baumgartner as himself Marianne Birthler as herself Norbert Bolz as himself Horst Bork as himself Gabi Burgstaller as herself Udo Dahmen as himself The Dalai Lama as himsel ( Full Answer )

What are the release dates for Hangar 18 - 1980?

Hangar 18 - 1980 was released on: USA: July 1980 (Hollywood, California) Ireland: 13 March 1981 Taiwan: 31 October 1981 Portugal: 4 February 1982 Australia: 6 May 1982 Sweden: 14 May 1982 Colombia: 9 June 1982 Hungary: 7 February 1985 Japan: 15 October 1987 (video premiere)

What are the ratings and certificates for Hangar 18 - 1980?

Hangar 18 - 1980 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG Canada:PG (Manitoba) Canada:14 (Nova Scotia) Canada:AA (Ontario) Canada:G (Quebec) Iceland:12 Sweden:15 UK:PG USA:PG (Approved No. 26784) USA:Approved (certificate #26084)

How big is an airplane hangar?

It depends on the size and number of aircraft. Some hangars onlyhold one small airplane like a Cessna or Beechcraft, while militaryhangars hold multiple planes and can cover many thousands of squaremeters.