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Pinging your own PC assures that your PC can send and receive the data over lan and internet and your Lan or Modem is ok.

Moreover Ping is the name of a computer network tool used on TCP/IP networks (such as the Internet). It provides a basic test of whether a particular host is operating properly and is reachable on the network from the testing host. Ping provides estimates of the round-trip time and packet loss rate between hosts. It works by sending ICMP echo request packets to the target host and listening for replies (ICMP echo response packets).

The output of ping, and its cousins, generally consists of the packet size used, the host queried, the ICMP sequence number, the time to live, and the round-trip time, with all times given in milliseconds, and times below 10 milliseconds often having low accuracy.

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Q: What is happen inside the PC if this PC pings its IP address?
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How do you get the ip address on the printer?

printer has IP inside its memory

What could happen if you share your IP address?

Nothing would happen if you give someone your ip as long as there is no Trojan horse on your computer

What happens to a workstation with an expired IP lease?

That doesn't happen. If it does the workstation gives up the IP address and remains unconfigured until the DHCP server grants it another IP address.

Why is giving every PC an IP is important for the communication inside network?

Because without an IP address a device cannot communicate on a network. Within a LAN, an IP address must be unique.

What happen if i assign a single IP address to two computers which are on if third computer wants to access on computer with that IP address what happens?

No two computers may have the same IP address. This will cause both systems to crash.

Can a computer communicate without an IP address?

Yes. There are a number of ways this can (and in fact does) happen. The most obvious happens in a DHCP request, which is a method by which a computer that does not have an IP address gets an IP address from a DHCP server.

How can one get help on the topic 'What is my IP Address'?

There are several sites that one can get help on the topic "What is my IP Address?" These sites include What Is My IP Address, What Is My IP, My IP Address, and Trace My IP.

How does one find out their IP address if they have a Linksys router?

If you have a Linksys router, you could find your ip address by looking inside the packaging or on the router, or going to Speedtest, where you can see your IP in the bottom left corner.

What are the two type of IP address?

static ip address,shared ip address

What is the network address of ip address

The network address of this ip address is 192.150.8 and 24 is host ip address

What is the different between IP address and the static IP address?

Ip-Address is the number which is assigned to each computer which are connected to the internet while Static Ip-Address is the type of Ip-Address.there are two types of Ip-Address are there.They are Static Ip-Address and Dynamic Ip-Address.Static Ip Means it can't be changes ,But Dynamic Ip Means we can Change Ip By Resetting modem.You can get the Details of the Ip-Address using Free online sites like

What IP address is a valid address?

The IP address, '' is not a valid address. This IP address is just a sample that is used.

Which Cisco IOS command would you use to establish static translation between an inside local address and an inside global address?

ip nat inside source static

What are the IP addresses called that begin with 10?

The IP address is the address that is unique unversally. The IP address that begins with 10 belongs to class A. The IP address that begins with 10 are private address.

Is there a difference between a static IP address and a email address?

An IP address is the address of your computer on a network. You can have a local IP address if you have a home or office network but also an Internet IP address. Your e-mail address is completely different to an IP address.

Is private ip or public ip address?

Private IP Address

What does ip do?

IP (Internet Protocol) role is to identify the machine via the IP address. IP address is the same concept as postal address.

How deciphers IP?

Decipher the IP address means, obtain IP address using Hardware address, and basically we use RARP(Reverse address resolution protocol) to find out the IP address from hardware address.

What is the difference between a static IP address and a dynamic IP address?

A static IP address is an address permanently assigned to a workstation. A dynamic IP address is an address that is used for the current session only. When the session is terminated, the IP address is returned to the list of available addresses.

What ip address will be placed in the source address in an internet pa?

The source address contains the IP address of the computer (or other host) that sends the IP packet.The source address contains the IP address of the computer (or other host) that sends the IP packet.The source address contains the IP address of the computer (or other host) that sends the IP packet.The source address contains the IP address of the computer (or other host) that sends the IP packet.

What is Service IP address?

Its the universal ip address

What is an ip address that never changes called?

An IP address that never changes is called a Static IP Address.

Importance of IP address?

Ip address play a key role in the networked computers to identify the computers

How do you find ip address in the internet?

You can find your IP address by using .

How did a computer with an ip address receive that ip address?

IP addressing is done on the basis of TCP/IP.