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There is a genocide, an enthnic cleansing if you will, still occurring in Darfur. Sparked from decades of famine, drought, and oppression it only gets worse as time goes on. With the rise of militia groups, the Sudanese government, in 2003, sent their own, well armed, well funded militia group to reek havoc in the area of Darfur.
The Sudanese governments military is mainly funded by oil revenues, the countries major money maker. Over 70% of oil profits go to the military. This poses a problem to the people of Darfur, as the largest of these oil fields lies in South darfur, while the government is in the North. UN action has been rare as both China and Russia benefit from Sudanese oil, and both Russia and China are veto powers on the Security Council.
450,000 people have been murdered, 2.5 million are hungry, and 4.5 are displaced.
It is a crisis that is complicated, multi faceted, and complex.

for more informatin, go to, i used this website while i wrote a research paper on the genocide in darfur. it's a great website!

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Q: What is happening in Darfur Sudan?
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Where is the Darfur genocide happening?

the darfur genocide is occurring in the western region of the country of Sudan along the border with chad.

Is Darfur a country?

no, Darfur is in Sudan. Darfur is an impoverished region of westen Sudan.

Are genocides happening now?

Genocide is currently taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Is Darfur is in North or South Sudan?

Darfur is in North Sudan.

Where is Sudan Darfur?

Darfur is a region of west Sudan. See related link

What is the capital of darfur?

the capital of darfur is the Sudan.

Where did the Darfur genocide take place?

At Darfur, Sudan

In what continent is darfur?

Darfur is a region in south western Sudan. Sudan is a country in the continent of Africa.

What continent is Darfur in?

Darfur is a region in south western Sudan. Sudan is a country in the continent of Africa.

Which country is darfur?


What does darfur mean?

Darfur is a part of Sudan that is about the same size as France

Darfur is part of which country?


Where did genocide happen in Sudan?

in Darfur

Where did the Sudan genocide occur?

In Darfur

Where is Dafur?

Darfur is located in Western Sudan.

Where is the marrah mountains in Sudan?

It is in West Darfur.

In which country is the Darfur region located?


What crisis is found in darfur Sudan?

the government

Where is Darfur located in Africa?

It is located in Sudan.

What is the war torn region of Sudan?


Is darfur and the Sudan the same place?

Sudan is a large country in northern Africa, and has boundaries with (clockwise from the north):Egypt;the Red Sea;Eritrea;EthiopiaKenya;Uganda;Democratic Republic of the Congo;Central African Republic;Chad; andLibya.Dafur is a region in the west of Sudan and consists of three federal states:Gharb Darfur (West Darfur);Shamal Darfur (North Darfur); andJannub Darfur (South Darfur).

Where in Sudan is Darfur located?

Darfur is on the western side of Sudan. Home to six million people, it covers approximately one-fifth of the country. Darfur in Arabic means House of Fur.

Who were the Janjaweed attacking in the Genocide of Darfur?

The Janjaweed were attacking the Africans of Sudan (South Darfur)

Who is killing who in Darfur?

the janjaweed is killing the black tribe in darfur and they are supported by the sudan governoment

Why is a genocide happening in Darfur?

Answer Because Sudan Govt in Khartoum never wants to loose that particular territory, where gas and oil have a potential big reserve.