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Check to see where the anti-freeze leak is comming from. If it's leaking on the serpentine belt the Power Steering pully might be slipping on the coolant that gets on the belt. That stuff IS quite slick and can make a belt slip. If the anti-freeze is leaking from somewhere near the bottom of the water pump, you might have a bad water pump. Get under the vehicle, look at the water pump and see if there is a mineralized streak off the bottom of the water pump. If so, just go get a water pump.

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Q: What is happening when power steering goes out and an antifreeze leak start at the same time?
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What happens if you put engine oil in your power steering?

The hydraulic seals in your power steering will be eaten away by engine oil. Your power steering will start to leek and eventually, it will not work at all.

Why is the power steering fluid leaking in a 2000 Malibu ls?

The power steering fluid is leaking because somewhere in the power steering system there is a leak. It is possible one of the seals on the steering rack has worn out. That would be a good place to start. It could also be coming from a leaky seal on the power steering pump or from one of the lines.

Causes of intermittent power steering failure?

Bad steering rack mostly found on GM vehicles exhibits itself usually at the first start in the morning Weak power steering pump Belt slipping or glazed

Why does your power steering work perfect when you start your car and its cold the second it warms up you have no power steering anymore?

Could be that your low on power steering fluid. When it's cold, the fluid is more viscus, but once it warms up and thins out there isn't enough.

Why does the car whine when you turn right or left?

Fill your power steering fluid. When you get low it will start to whine. Do this as quickly as possible, because replacing a power steering pump is not fun.

How do I check for power steering leak?

the best way that i can think of is by getting a second person and get them to start the engine and turn the steering wheel slowly while you check to see where it is leaking from (make sure there is power steering fluid in the pump)

How do you fix the steering on a 2001 Dodge Caravan that gets stiff during start up on a rainy day?

Tighten the power steering belt. Why are you trying to steer during start up?

Your 1989 Plymouth Voyager has too much power steering fluid on dip stick How can you drain it and start with fresh power steering fluid?

Use a turkey baster to remove excess fluid

How do you fix power steering for pontiac g6?

Figuring out what the cause of the problem is would be the place to start.

Why has the power steering fluid level dropped on a 2003 Ford Windstar?

It is not uncommon for there to be some incidental loss of power steering fluid. I have added minor amounts of power steering fluid to my 2001 three times over the years. No more than a couple ounces at a time though. If there's more loss than that, start examining the power steering hoses and connections for signs of leakage.

Why is there no power steering in my mercury villager at start up in cold weather?

There is no power steering in a Mercury Villager at start up in cold weather due to a failing pump or low fluid. Fluid becomes much thicker in cold weather and is much harder to pump.

How do you bleed power steering pump on 1995 cavalier?

Power steering pumps are self bleeding, fill the reservoir, start the engine and turn the sterring wheel from stop to stop. Add fluid to correct level.

Where is the thermostat located on 2004 ford focus SE 2.3L?

the thermostat this locator on the passenger side.under the exhaust manifold and the power steering pump. you have to remove the power steering pump to take it off. the power steering pump has a trick. the bottom bolts can be removed without removing the sensor. you use a 10 millimeter wrench to break the bolt. and then you start twisting out and pulling the power steering pump out at the same time

When the power steering fluid runs out what does that mean?

It should never run out. You have a leak somewhere. Start with the hoses.

What causes power steering problem in 1996 ford Taurus only when you are backing up?

Low power steering fluid. Low engine speed. Air in power steering pump. Turn steering wheel to maximun left and maximum right several times. Check fluid. Variable power steering assist is an electrical system and can be affected by the neutral safety - start switch, which is also known as the transmission range sensor. See "Related Questions" below for more

Where do you bleed the power steering fluid?

You don't bleed power steering fluid. Raise the front of the car, start the engine, turn the steering wheel lock-to-lock 3 times to get the air out of the system. Make sure to use axle stands and block the wheels so you can do this safely.

How do you tell if the power steering belts broken?

car want start timing and water pump on the same belt

What car parts start with the letter p?

Car parts that begin with the letter p:passenger seatpedalpistonpower brakespower steeringpower windows

98 Breeze cold start up power steering belt screeches and steering isn't right for first few mins screeches more and wont hardly turn replaced belt last summer and fluid is full any ideas?

Power steering pump should be replaced.

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. What would make the steering wheel stick while turning.?

There are multiple reasons. One of them is a bad power steering pump. Then, steering system. But it's better to start from joins.

How do you fix power steering on 97 Mercury Sable?

It really depends on what is wrong and needs "fixing"...The "Related Questions" below all relate to Taurus/Sable power steering systems, from pumps to draining fluids.Should be a good start...

How do you unclog power steering fluid in 1999 Oldsmobile?

unbolt the power steering line from the power steering pump. have another person inside the vehicle to start the engine. open the power steering reservoir. have the person inside turn the steering wheel back and fourth, left to right as you pour power steering fluid into the reservoir until it pours out clean from the unbolted line. make sure the loose line is seated into a pan or bucket to catch the fluid or you will have a mess. that should unclog the pump and the line. if the pump still doesn't work after you put the line back on, then you probably have a bad pump. replace the pump. hope this helps.

I have a Toyota Camry power steering leak at plug in steering rack assy can the plug be replaced?

Have you tried tightening it ? Always start with the free simple things first, it usually is one of them.

Where do you put the power steering fluid in a pt cruiser?

First you look for the power steering reservoir, there will be a cap under the hood some where. if you look where all the belts are and figure out which one is the power steering pump and follow it back you'll see where to put it in. Some vehicles i start from the steering gear box and follow the hoses back to the reservoir. it takes a while on these new vehicles so be patient and also check your owners manual.

How do you flush and refill antifreeze on 2002 Yukon?

=To properly flush the antifreeze on a 2002 Yukon you will need a antifreeze vacume system you will need to start the car and have it running turn on all the heating modules to high and have the car reved at about 1.5 r.p.m, or a little higher to activate the vaccume this will start sucking the old antifreeze out. When the radiator is empty{you will know when it is empty because there will be no more antifreeze coming out}you can then fill it up with half and half antifreeze[half water half antifreeze].=