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I had the same problem with my 1994 Saturn SC2 (1.9L DOHC) after hours of poking around, I found that my PCV valve was cracked (The tube that goes from your air intake to the top of your valve covers). Although it could be a problem with the vacum at any point. Check your air intake for cracks / leaks / gaps, and all the hoses leading to your engine.

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Q: What is happening when vehicle stalls when foot is let off gas?
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Why does the engine die after taking foot off the gas?

When I start my rodeo Isuzu it stalls but if I keep my foot on the gas pressing on it it will idel but soon as i let off the gan it dies I drive a 1999 rodeo Isuzu V6

Your 92 lesabre will crank and run with your foot on the gas if you let your foot off it stalls you have replaced the fuel filter and tps please help me?

idle air control motor IAC

How do you know you ran out of gas?

A major clue would be the vehicle stopping.

Why does a vehicle stall?

vehicle stalls - what causes this problem many probs can cause stall a bit more info does it stall a stop signs does it run fine un til you stop and take foot off gas does it idle in park or neutral and stall when put in drive also need make model year and i could help you better

1999 Olds Intrigue stalls when at idle sometimes. rpm jumps or stalls when I put it in reverse Runs great when my foot is on the gas over 1000 RPM. What is going on here?

I have a 1998 olds Intrigue and mine started doing that it was the crank shaft position sensor

What is wrong in havng AS as a blood genotype?

About four days ago, I had my engine replace in my 2001 Lexus 300. It ran very well until the last two. When the engine is cold it stalls. I will restart but I have to keep my foot on the gas paddle. If I remove my foot it stalls until the car runs for about two or three minute then it's O.K. and run great. What wrong with my car?

What could be the problem with a car if it stalls when the gas is not pushed?

Headgasket is possible.

Stalls starved for gas 1993 s10?

replace the fuel filter

Your Acura Integra stalls out and has no power?

Check to see if there is gas in the tank.

What can be wrong with your lumina if is running going normal then like it yerks if you have your foot on the pedal but then stalls like if you were running out of gas i let it rest for 20 m started?

Start with replacing the fuel filter.

94 astro vanwill only start if the gas peddle is to the floorIt stalls as soon as you let off of it?

94 astro will only start if the gas peddle is to the floor and it sounds really rough ,it stalls as soon as you let off the gas

Why does my 94 Honda accord stalls when gas is pressed?

A 1994 Honda Accord can stall when gas is given due to a faulty Idle air control valve. This part controls the idle of the vehicle if it malfunctions the car can shut off at random times.

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