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As of 4-23-09 (April 23rd, 2009), Jon and Kate had just made their house "greener" by installing solar panels and solar lights, and other green technology to their home that consumes a lot of electricity (like most homes).

What are opinions of Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin According to professionals that organize events where Kate Gosselinhas appeared. Gosselin is far from the ordinary mom she waspresented as on her reality show. There are reports and opinionsabout Kate Gosselin from all sides... and by all reports, [Kate]Gosselin's reputation for being ( Full Answer )

How can you send a gift to Jon and Kate?

Your best option is to email the Gosselins about your intentions, and then follow whatever direction they provide. The family website lists a variety of email addresses for different purposes. A link to their website is below under Related Links .

What happened to Beth Carson and Jodi from 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

One Answer It seems as if they don't that much help anymore because the kids are getting more grown up and easier to take care of. I think they will be in the show later in the year. Maybe Jon and Kate miss them too much to send them to relatives and friends. Or maybe they just do not need that mu ( Full Answer )

Do Jon or Kate Gosselin smoke?

Jon smoked in High School, and continues to occasionally smoke. See related links. As far as we can tell, Kate does not smoke.

Do Jon and Kate get free clothes?

Yes, the Gosselins get free clothing from a variety of sponsors. The most well known are: Gymboree, The Gap. Clothing from Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic and American Eagle have been spotted on the show as well... but it is not known if those outfits were comps or not..

When did Jon and Kate go to Hawaii?

The Gosselins went to Hawaii in August 2008. . During the trip to Hawaii, Jon and Kate renewed their wedding vows in a beach side ceremony.

What religion are Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon and Kate Gosselin are Christians, at one time they attend Glad Tidings Assembly of God in Reading, PA. There is not current information on what church, if any the Gosselins have attended since their divorce in 2009.

How can you meet Jon or Kate Gosselin?

You can meet the Gosselins by attending a speaking event or personal appearance, or maybe running into them while they are on a family trip. Of course, they will be filming... so you probably can see them.. but won't get to speak with them. If you are in South Bend, Indiana around March 13, 2010 ( Full Answer )

Where did Jon and kate go in on their vacation?

The Gosselins have been on several vacations that were featured on their reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.". But, Jon and Kate were featured going on a special surprise vacation to the Florida Keys.. WIth the kids they have been to:. - Florida, to visit Walt Disney World, The Magic Kingdom. - Uta ( Full Answer )

When did Jon and Kate announce their move?

Jon and Kate announced their move during the Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode Soup and a Surprise originally aired January 5, 2009 on TLC (The Learning Channel).

What happened to bev on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

It seems as if they don't that much help anymore because the kids are getting more grown up and easier to take care of. I think they will be in the show later in the year. Maybe Jon and Kate miss them too much to send them to relitives and friends. Or maybe they just do not need that much help anymo ( Full Answer )

When is Jon and Kate Gosselin's anniversary?

Their wedding anniversary is June 12, 1999.. See Related Links for the Berks Country, Pennsylvania records confirming their appliction for a marriage license.

Were Jon and Kate Gosselin remarried?

Yes, Jon and Kate Gosselin renewed their wedding vows during a Summer 2008 trip to Hawaii. The episode For Better or Worse originally aired November 17, 2008..

Who is older Jon or Kate?

Kate is two years older than Jon. They mention it all the time in the show

Do Jon and kate work?

Jon- IT Analyst. Kate- Was a part-time nurse until the sextuplets came now she stays full-time with the kids.

Where do Jon and Kate live?

Jon and Kate Gosselin live in central Pennsylvania. While the question is legitimate on WA we refrain from posting detailed address (or phone number/cell phone/private e-mail/etc) information. provide the address, new or old , for Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8. For the safety ( Full Answer )

How can you write an email to Jon or Kate?

The official email address for Jon and Kate Gosselin changes from time to time. For the latest email address check out the Contact Us page on the Gosselin family website, there is a link below under Related Links. This is the most reliable source for Gosselin email contact information. Any othe ( Full Answer )

How many siblings do Jon and Kate have?

Jon Gosselin has two brothers Thomas Jr. and Mark.\n. \nShe has three sisters, Christen, Kendra and Clairissa, and one brother, Kevin.\n. \nKevin is married to "Aunt Jodi" who is very close to the gosselin's.

How did Jon and Kate meet?

Well Jon and Kate met at the hotel pinic where Jon works and Kates friend work

When did Jon and Kate Gosselin get married?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were married June 12, 1999 in a friend's back yard in Wyomissing, Berks County, Pennsylvania. They were married on June 12, 1999\nTen years ago, June 12 1999.

How do Jon and Kate discipline their kids?

Jon and Kate primarily use "time outs" with the younger children. With the older girls they have taken away special events and treats for bad behavior.. Jon and Kate most definitely DO spank. They said so at a speech Kate gave and it's also been in the news lately.. One WikiAnswerers opinion I a ( Full Answer )

What happened to Nana on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Nana Joan moved back to her hometown of Tennessee. The Gosselins visited with her when they went to Memphis to visit St. Jude's Children's hospital. Nana Janet just passed away on October 28th, 2009.

Are Jon and Kates siblings involved with them?

One Wikianswerers opinion I think Jon still keeps in contact with his siblings, but for various reasons they do not want to apper on the show. Kate did keep in contact with Kevin and Jodi until about nine months ago. When Kevin and Jodi said their personal opinion about the show. They said they di ( Full Answer )

How did Jon and Kate have sextuplets?

Kate relied on fertility treatments to get pregnant. The Gosselins were trying to have one more baby, and instead they ended up with 6.. Jon and Kate Gosselin didn't plan for sextuplets, just as they didn't plan for twins. Kate has a deficiency where she cant have kids naturally Instead, they used ( Full Answer )

Do Jon and Kate get paid for reruns?

Jon and Kate Gosselin get paid residuals for reruns of their reality TV show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight." It was confirmed in People Magazine.

Do Jon and Kate have relationship with their family?

kate's parents have made a decision to not be involved in the lives of kate and the kidsfor various reasons, and jons father was very involved when may and cara were born, but he passed away before the tups were born.

What happened during the Season 4 finale of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

The Season 4 finale for "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is two episodes that were originally aired March 23, 2009.. Season 4: Episode 40 Family Outing -- The Gosselin sextuplets took a painting class at the Wyomissing Institute of Fine Arts and visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ( Full Answer )

What happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Jon and Kate Gosselin are still talking about the pressures of planning the show, and their various indiscretions. They are probably trying to work it out.

What tattoo does Kate of 'Jon and Kate' have?

Kate Gosselin has two tattoos, a rose on her tummy, and Winnie the Pooh on her left ankle.. The rose tattoo was partially removed when Kate had a tummy tuck.. The Winnie the Pooh tattoo is on the outside of her ankle and is visible in photographs. Kate's People Magazine cover shot the week of May ( Full Answer )

What are opinions about what happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin?

One Opinion Kate's greed and Jon's apathy. She has always been somewhat of a shrew but in the last couple of years she is just nasty to him. However, he never stands up for himself nor does he ever bite back. Man up Jon!!!! Shut up Kate!!!!. If you two split the kids are the ones who will suffer. ( Full Answer )

Are Jon and Kate stopping 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Jon Gosselin stopped filming of the show. TLC always said if any one (1) member of the Gosselin family wanted to stop the show.. they would bring 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' to an end. Kate thought it was best for the kids to continue film , where Jon does not. Jon apparently does not want his kids to ( Full Answer )

What has happen between Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Several things have happened between them. It is a case of a stronger dominant partner downplaying the other partner and demanding that their needs are constantly met. In this case, Kate is the domineering one, belitting Jon and constantly talking over him and making fun of him. She is the one that ( Full Answer )

Will Kate get them or Jon?

\nE-bay will get them. All the kids are getting sold on E-bay. My friend already has dibs on Aiden.

What happened to Taliah from 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Taliah is still around, she was on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' less often because their families spent less time together. Now that the show is canceled, she is probably living a normal (private) life!

What happened on Jon and Kate Plus 8 last Wednesday 7-8-09?

No new episodes of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' were broadcast between June 22 and August 3, 2009.. Whatever episode was broadcast on July 8, 2009 was a re-run. The schedule varies from country to country... so it is hard to tell which episodes are being asked about.

What ever happened to Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 ceased production in 2010 as the marriage ofJon and Kate Gosselin struggled and eventually ended in divorce. Inthe wake of the show, the couple did not agree on production issuesand the show was halted while they worked out some details. A fewmonths later, TLC introduce a new spi ( Full Answer )

What will happen to the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 following divorce?

well since they are divorced,and since Jon has a new girlfriend and that i think she has a prison record,so kate is probably deciding if she wants her to be around the kids,and the fact that Jon and Kate are probably not getting along and fighting don't want the whole entire world to see them fighti ( Full Answer )

What happened to Jon and Kate Gosselin's dogs?

The Gosselin's dogs, Shooka and Nala, were returned to the breeder. Kate could not take care of them when she had custody of the children, and there was no room for them in Jon's New York City apartment. In Fall 2010, the female dog Nala returned to live with Kate Gosselin and the children. It wa ( Full Answer )

Why did Jon and Kate do the show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Kate said that the reason for doing the show was to document the families life because life was too hectic for them to do it themselves. They didn't expect the show to become such a success.

What happened to the reality show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

After 2 years (2007-2009), and 5 seasons, the reality television show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' ceased production under the pressure of the the parent's divorce. The dad, Jon Gosselin, expressed his discomfort with the filming of his children during the emotional roller-coaster of the divorce. After a ( Full Answer )

What will happen to 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' after the parents divorce?

Well it was on hiatus during the summer 2009 while Jon and Kate Gosselin intiated divorce proceedings. Later , the show was cancelled entirely - and the last episode was aired November 23 2009. A new show will debute June 6, 2010 a new spin off show called 'Kate Plus Eight,' which is the same only ( Full Answer )

What happened to 'Jon and Kate plus 8'?

'Jon and Kate Plus ' was on the air 2007-2009, featuring Jon and Kate Gosselin and their two sets of multiples [twins and sextuplets]. Jon Gosselin stopped filming of the show. TLC always said if any one (1) member of the Gosselin family wanted to stop the show.. they would bring 'Jon & Kate Plus 8 ( Full Answer )

Where did Jon and Kate Gosselin go?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, the couple featured on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' along with their children are no longer filming their popular reality television show. The couple divorced in 2009, and since that time Kate Gosselin continues to pursue a career in front of the cameras while Jon Gosselin maintains ( Full Answer )

What did Jon Gosselin do to Kate Gosselin?

This depends on what you mean by the meaning I think your talking about is cheating - that is a subject of great speculation.. Jon has maintained that he never cheated on kate Gosselin, and in emails with one of Jon's girlfriends Kate Gosselin has admitted the two were never involved until a year a ( Full Answer )