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What is harvest time?

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Harvest time is the time when the crop is ripe/mature and is ready to be picked/cut/etc. Harvest time varies with the date the crop was planted and length of time it takes it to grow.

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What is harvest time of cotton?

In the fall, is the harvest time of cotton.

When is harvest time in Spain?

harvest of what?

How do you use word harvest in a sentence?

At harvest time, the workers harvested the harvest.

When is harvest time in Australia?

Link to harvest info.

When is the best time to harvest crop?

When it is due for harvest.

Is harvest an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb.The word harvest is a verb, and a noun, which can be used as an adjunct or adjective (harvest time, harvest moon).

What is the difference in the harvest time of rice and wheat?

i want the time taken for the harvest of rice & wheat

What is the second harvest called?

A second harvest is sometimes called a full moon harvest. This may occur if harvest time is close to the autumnal equinox.

What are the release dates for Harvest Time - 1940?

Harvest Time - 1940 was released on: USA: 9 February 1940

What is harvest day in the baptist church?

harvest time is a much awaited time not only by hopeful farmers but the whole world as well. its an expected season of great rejoicing. harvest time is truly a special time to thank God for his bountiful blessings.

How on harvest moon were you have to be a boy what time do i have to meet the harvest goddess at the spring?

exactly 2pm

When is time to harvest figs?

When they are ripe.

What time does nami from harvest moon wake up?

Nami is in multiple Harvest Moon games. The answer depends on which Harvest Moon game you are playing.

What month is a good time to harvest lettuce?

The best time to harvest lettuce is in Spring and near the end of the summer as the lettuce will be crispy and yummy!

What is a sentence for the word harvest?

Mechanical equipment made it possible to harvest corn much more rapidly.It was time to harvest the vegetables that were growing in the garden.

The harvest moon helps farmers how?

The harvest moon hepls farmers by telling them the time to harvest. It tells them farming season is over and winter is coming.

What time do you harvest plantain?

12 months

When is the barley harvest time in Israel?

In the Spring.

What time in the year do you harvest rice?


When is the right time to harvest lemons?


How is harvest time related to bread?

you harvest wheat, wheat is partly how you make bread,DUMB-ASS

What is the harvest time of the starfruit tree on Farmville?

The Starfruit tree takes 4 days to harvest (3 days 20 hours real time).

What harvest do Jewish celebrate?

Pesach (Passover) comes at the time of the barley harvest. Shavuoth comes at the time of the wheat harvest. And Sukkoth is at the time of the ingathering, when the already-harvested grains, left outside to dry, are brought indoors to avoid the onset of the rainy season.

How long does it take to grow crop from seed to harvest in Egypt?

Total Time from Seed To Harvest In Egypt = (Time For Crop to Grow Normally) + (Time to Travel To Egypt To Plant Seeds) + (Time To Return To Egypt When Crop is ready to Harvest) I can be just as stupid as the person who asked this stupid question!

How do you harvest crops?

you pick plants at the right time