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Trucks for performing haulage--which is supposed to mean any kind of commercial transport but usually means carrying gravel, garbage and other such loads. In the US we call these vocational trucks. A heavy haulage truck, which is also known as a fifth wheel trucking system or ballast truck, is a vehicle designed to handle much larger equipment and haulage loads than your standard semi or tractor trailer.

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2012-04-23 10:16:21
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Q: What is haulage trucks?
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What is a dumper truck used for?

Dump trucks are used for a number of purposes. Concrete and asphalt paving, debris removal and haulage, coal haulage, transport of raw materials and aggregates, they can be used to spread material, etc.

What does the Road Haulage Association do?

The Road Haulage Association represent road haulage businesses and its members in Britain. They are a trade association and have their headquarters in Peterborough.

When was Saucy Haulage Ballads created?

Saucy Haulage Ballads was created in 2003.

What does a haulage contractor do?

A haulage contractor transports goods by either road or rail for a company. A haulage contractor would transport coal, iron, ore, waste, and supplies. All of these items would be transported horizontally.

Is Eddie stobart the largest company in the world?

yes it is with over 48 deports world wide and 50000 trucks and trailers and their train and airport empire comes to mind. Yes The largest haulage company in the world

What type of business would benefit from having haulage insurance coverage?

Shipping or transport companies would benefit from having haulage insurance. Haulage insurance covers damages in transportation of good, so the shipping companies would want it.

What has the author Thomas Denner Corpe written?

Thomas Denner Corpe has written: 'Corpe on road haulage licensing' 'Road haulage licensing'

What has the author Russell E Griffin written?

Russell E. Griffin has written: 'In-mine evaluation of underground fire and smoke detectors' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Fire detectors, Mine safety 'Anticollision systems for large mine-haulage trucks' -- subject(s): Automatic location systems, Mine haulage, Motor vehicles, Proximity detectors, Safety measures

What does the company Heavy Haulage specialize in?

Heavy Haulage of Australia specializes in the transportation of heavy loads. The company was started in 1999. One of the projects that was done by Heavy Haulage was the Gorgo Nickel Project which consisted of the delivery of 3x190 ton Boiler Units.

What do factories in Belarus produce?

Tractors, buses, trucks, heavy off-road vehicles, haulage and earthmoving equipment, microscopes, cameras, watches, milk products, matches, textile, sulphuric acid, cigarettes and tobacco products

What has the author Dennis Lee McElroy written?

Dennis Lee McElroy has written: 'The fundamentals of mine haulage' -- subject(s): Coal mines and mining, Mine haulage

Where can you find a Low Loader?

One can get a Low Loader from a hiring company such as Heavy Haulage, Peter Tippett Haulage, and Mining Machinery Transport. They are relatively easy to find in Australia.

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