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What is health care?

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The term "health care" refers to a inter-related system of care provided to persons in health or during illness. Health care begins with the family physician. He/she may refer patients to specialists if needed, or directly order further diagnostic testing. "Well Clinics" or Community Health Clinics perform the same functions as a family physician, but clinics can also provide valuable insight into patterns of health or illness seen within the community. Hospitals form just one part of "health care", when a person's condition is acute and needs more intervention than what can be given as an out-patient. Yet, many surgeries or other procedures can be provided as an out-patient, whether at a hospital or separate location. Also, "clinics" of various types provide specific services, such as "pain management clinics" for persons suffering pain conditions. Rehabilitation services also form a needed part of in-patient and out-patient health care services. Respiratory therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are also important components in health care treatment and recovery. "Mental health parity" strives to provide services for emotional/mental health in a way that is "equal to" physical health care. Thus, "Health care" is a complex system designed to educate, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate before/during/after a mental/emotional or physical health problem.

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What does health care do?

Provides health care if you can not afford it.

What is health care delivery?

The delivery of health care.

How is health care quality measured when delivered by a health care provider or physician?

How is "health care quality" measured when "delivered by a health care provider or physician"? Answer this question…

Does Donald Trump have health care?

Well if Donald Trump supports health care then he must have health care!

What do health care providers provide?

Health care providers offer preventive care, rehab care, informational care, and curative care. They are trained in medicine, nursing and community health.

How can health care providers work together within the continuum of care?

Health care providers could work together within the continuum of care by making health care more affordable to patients with out health insurance. Good communication skills is important in health care.

What kind of health care does Canada have?

Socialized health care.

One health care occupation currently enjoying significant growth and influence in health care is?

Health Care Admin?

What is the difference between health care studies and health care education?

what jobs can i get with a BA degree, in health care studies?

Use the word health care in sentence?

Enter the name of your health care provider in this field. How long have you had this health care provider? Will your college degree catapult you into the health care field?

Where can you work with health-care studies degree?

Health Care Studies, degree, demonstrate your knowledge and skills to provide quality service in the health care industry. With this degree you can work in various health care setting. You can work as a health service manager, health care administrator, health service coordinator etc.

What are the services offered by GE Health Care?

GE Health Care provides services in which to improve the quality of health care access, such as reducing the costs of health, clinical performances via technology. For further information on the GE Health Care, visit the the GE Health Care official website.

What health care is all about?

'health-care" is to insure that everyone in the country has access to proper health care no matter what their financial circumstances are.

What has the author Peter William Harvey written?

Peter William Harvey has written: 'Self-management and the health care consumer' -- subject(s): Health services administration, Self-care, Health, Health care reform, Utilization, Medical care, Health Care Reform, Self Care

What is the definition of healthcare management?

Health Care Management is the study of some aspects of health care, includingthe areas of health care policy, international health care systems, economy of health care, quality assurance, as it relates to the prevention, treatment and management of illness.

What are some examples of business health care?

Some examples of business health care relate to companies which provide health care benefits to their employees. Things that are covered can include health care in hospitals, dental care and prescriptions.

What is the definition of private health care?

Health care paid for by individuals.

What health care jobs are in demand?

Health care sales jobs

Dominican republic health care?

what is the health care in Dominican Republic

Who Manage the operation of a health care facility?

health care administrator

What does health care provider mean?

what does a health care provider means to you

Does uganda have a health care system?

They have a health care system but its the worst

What are some health care companies in Australia?

Some health care companies in Australia include Medicare and other health care companies. You can find this information by visiting articles about health care in Australia.

What is univerisal health care?

Universal health care is when health care is provided by the Federal Government. Everyone is covered, but not necissarily with a good plan.

Which country has worst health care?

Ethiopia has the worst Health Care and it is the poorest country out of them all, so that contributes to the bad Health Care.