What is heatran?

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To get this rare frog, fire and steel pokemon,

after getting the national pokedex go to Stark Mountain.

You will buddy up with Buck and his Claydol to get the Magma stone.

When you find it he'll take, but he will awake heatran, you won't see him though. Go back to his house talk to him. He will go back to put it back.

Head back the room where you found the Magma stone. He won't be there

but a Lv. 70 Heatran will. P.S. I cauht him by bringing it to red and use Dusk balls.

if you have any qeustions e-mail me at sincerely pokemongeek

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โˆ™ 2009-04-25 22:16:28
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Q: What is heatran?
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