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What is heatran?

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To get this rare frog, fire and steel pokemon,

after getting the national pokedex go to Stark Mountain.

You will buddy up with Buck and his Claydol to get the Magma stone.

When you find it he'll take, but he will awake heatran, you won't see him though. Go back to his house talk to him. He will go back to put it back.

Head back the room where you found the Magma stone. He won't be there

but a Lv. 70 Heatran will. P.S. I cauht him by bringing it to red and use Dusk balls.

if you have any qeustions e-mail me at sincerely pokemongeek

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What evolves in to heatran?

Nothing evolves into heatran, heatran does not evolve!

Does Heatran Evolve?

No, Heatran does NOT evolve.

Which is better heatran or magmortar?


What do you do after you battle heatran?

What do you do after you battle heatran?

Can you get a heatran egg?

no you can't get a heatran egg

Will heatran be in super smash brother?

No, Heatran is a trophy.

Can you really get heatran on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes you can. You can get Heatran on both Daimond and Pearl. Heatran is located at Stark Mountain. Heatran will be Lv. 70. Good Luck catching him!

Where do you find heatran on Pokemon diamond?

you find heatran in starkmountain

Where do you go after you catch heatran?

You can go anywhere after you catch heatran.

How do you evolve a heatran?

Nothing evolves into Heatran nor does he evolve

What Pokemon is better aggron or heatran?

aggron is weaker than heatran by a mile simply because heatran is a legendary Pokemon

How do you get a male Heatran if you caught a female Heatran?

You could trade something for a male Heatran. By the way, a female Heatran can't breed with a Ditto, probably because it's a legendary Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is heatran?

Heatran is a Fire and Steel type pokemon.

Where can you find heatran in Pokemon deluge?

you can find heatran at ma 10

Can you get another heatran when you catch him?

No, you cannot get another Heatran once you have caught it.

What type is heatran in Pokemon Pearl?

Heatran is a Fire / Steel type

Is heatran a legendary Pokemon becauseI was reading about the arceus movie and it said heatran is under the control of a trainer in the movie?

yes heatran is a legendary

Pokemon Diamond how to go heatran?

You cannot get Heatran in Pokemon diamond or pearl unless you use cheats... ^_^ Edit: No, you can get it with or without cheats. I got heatran without cheats or action replay. Heatran is at Stark Mountain.

What level does heatran learn fissure on platinum?

Heatran cannot learn fissure.

How do you get heatran in mt silver in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can not catch heatran in heartgold or soulsilver

What Pokemon can learn magma storm?

Heatran, but smeargle can if it uses sketch after heatran does.

Is heatran a ledgandary Pokemon?

Yes, Heatran is a Legendary Pokémon.

Can you recruit heatran in explorers of darkness?

Yes,you can recruit heatran in giant vulcano

How do yo you get heatran?

Heatran is only in [Diamond,Pearl,Platinum]version.You can find Heatran in stark moutain, but there are wild Pokemon so don't use repel if you use repel you can not find Heatran. hope this help see ya

Where is heatran on SoulSilver?

Heatran isn't on Soul Silver. Heatran is only available in Diamond Pearl and Platinum on Stark Mountain after beating the Elite 4 and Cynthia.