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You mean favorite things to do?? Sit and play in the garden and go on adventures with her twin sister mimmy.

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What is hello kittys favorite color?

Red even thought it may seem like it would be pink!

What is hello kittys birthday present?

what is hello kitty fave present

What is the name of hello kittys cat?

'They' go by Hello Kitty.

What is hello kittys real name?


When is hello kittys anniversary?

in the yearly time

When is hello kittys anniversy?

November 1st

What is hello kittys dad called?


Who is the mum of hello kitty?

hello kittys mom is called mrs kitty

Is mimmy a relative to hello kitty?

yes, mimmie is hello kittys sister

When is hello kittys birthday?

her birthday is the 23rd February.

Is Deery Lou one of hello kittys friends?


What is hello kittys sister's name?

the name is Mimi

When is it hello kittys birthday?

it is your mom and dads weiner shinitzels

What color is hello kittys bow?

Hello Kitty has not one particular colored bow but many.

What are hello kittys grandparents names?

Anthony White & Margarte White

What is the pass for the hello kitty texter?

The Texture of hello kittys was in a hilly house. Avocado Grove in Hacienda Heights. Made of slimey avocadoes. That where hello kittys mammy grew up. Wheres my hello kitty drawing, did someone one hide in a hilly place with slimey avocadoes

What is the name of hello kitty's boy friend?

Hello kitty doesn't have a boy friend love hello kittys #1 fan kiana

What is hello kittys favroite game?

She doesnt have one she just has fun with her friends

What is hello kittys last name?

Hello Kitty's last name is Cat. Hello Kitty Cat :) Hehe,Not exatly,Her last name is "White".

Who is hello kittys father?

hello Kitty's father is the one with the glasses down almost to hes nose. And wears suits. :)

What is the color hello kittys bird?

Well the color is generally yellow but sometimes it is blue.

What is hello kittys brother called?

Well, she does not have a brother unfortunatly. But- she DOES have a sister named Mimmy!

Was hello kitty made for a girl with no mouth?

Of course not! Hello Kitty was made by a Japanese company and was made in 1974. Hello Kittys name was originally Kitty White!

Why do emo girls like hello kitty?

cos when they buy hello kitty from the shops they cut of hello kittys hands so the kitty kan no longer say hello. aka it is emo kitty

Where is hello kittys bow in Pawlette Confur in Furbulous Fashion District?

it is on a chair right when you come in. you can't miss it.