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What is heterotrophic nutrition in plants?

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heterotrophic nutrition is the nutrition is the nutrition obtained by digesting organic compounds

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What is heterotrophic mode of nutrition?

Living organisms that depend on other animals or plants for their food is called heterotrophic nutrition

What is the heterotrophic mode of nutrition?

The mode of nutrition in which an organism takes in ready-made food prepared by plants or animals-animal's flesh is called heterotrophic mode of nutrition

Heterotrophic nutrition in plants?

Occurs at night utilizing "The Dark Reactions".

What is the mode of nutrition in non green plants?

They depend on other living organisms for their nutrition .and it depends on their mode of nutrition...

What do you understand by the term heterotrophic nutrition?

The mode of nutrition in heterotrophs is called heterotrophic nutrition or holozoic nutrition.

The interaction between guard cells and a leaf opening would not be involved in?

heterotrophic nutrition this is anouther person answering but its heterotrophic nutrition because this nutrition gets it food from its surroundings. Also, heterotrophic nutrition are examples of fugi. In this case the leaf opening would be an example of autrophic nutrition because its examples are plants and algae.

What is the difference between plants and animal in nutrition?

all green plants have autotrophic mode of nutrition as they make their own food and animals have heterotrophic mode of nutrition as they depend on other organisms and plants for their food

How do non green plants make their food?

through heterotrophic nutrition

What are modes of nutrition in plants and animals?

the various modes of nutrition in plants and animals are as follows:- 1. autotrophic nutrition-all green plants,certain protists and some bacteria prepare organic food fron inorganic material in their own body is called autotrophic nutrition. 2. HEterotrophic nutrition: animals, fungi some protist(amoeba) and bacteria they take organic food synthesized by autotrophs is termed as heterotrophic nutrition.

What are the images of heterotrophic plants and their information?

The mode of nutrition in which organisms cannot manufacture foodband have to depend upon other plants and nimals to obtainenergy is called heterotropic nutrition.

What is the mode of nutrition in lion?

Heterotrophic Nutrition

Is photolysis a autotrophic nutrition or a heterotrophic nutrition?

autotrophic nutrition

Is lipase related to heterotrophic or autotrophic nutrition?

Heterotrophic. Autotrophic nutrition doesn't require a breakdown of fat.

What type of nutrition is fungi?

It is a type of heterotrophic nutrition.

Name any 2 autotrophic plants showing heterotrophic mode of nutrition also.?

pitcher plant

Why do non-green plants exhibit heterotrophic nutrition?

i dont know if i know i will ask yo0u....

Name any two autotrophic plants which also show heterotrophic mode of nutrition?

# green parasitic plants # predetor plants-usually catch insects

What is heterotrophic nutrtion?

the organisms which depends on other organisms for their food are called Heterotrophs and this mode of nutrition is called Heterotrophic nutrition

Are rhizoids related autotrophic nutrition or heterotrophic nutrition?


What type nutrition do protozoans have?

Protozoa have ingestive heterotrophic nutrition.

Is digestion related to autotrophic nutrition or hetertrophic nutrition?

heterotrophic nutrition

Can you explain me with pictures of mode of nutrition in different animals?

There are two types of nutrition .they are: autotroph and heterotrophic nutrition .1.autotrophic nutrition:the mode of nutrition whereby a living organism makes its food.2.heterotrophic nutrition:the mode of nutrition in which organisms cannot manufacture food and have to depend on other plants and animals for energy.thank you .by g.sreemathi vii-'d'

What is animals method of nutrition?


What is the mode of nutrition in buffalo?


What is mode of nutrition in cats?


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