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What is high pressure compressor in turbine engine?


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In an axial flow turbo fan engine there are two compressors. The first compressor is the low pressure compressor or it can also be referred to as the fan and is the first rotating assembly in the engine located aft of the engine inlet. The second rotating assembly located aft of the low pressure compressor or fan is the high pressure compressor. The basic difference between the low and high pressure assemblies is the amount of air pressure they generate. Low pressure compressors usually have a small number of stages and fewer and larger blades. Whereas the high pressure section has more stages and smaller blades. As the air passes through each stage of the compressors it is squeezed thus the pressure and temperature increase. When the air flow exits the high pressure compressor it is at its highest temperature and pressure generated by the cold section (compressor section) of the engine. Hot section/combustion section is another matter.

Keep in mind that there are numerous turbo fan/turbine engines and each one probably will be configured differently as far as the number of stages and blades in each compressor section.