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My father and I own a 32 inch barrel,16 gauge,single shot ,Cranberry shotgun. This gun was purchased second hand in 1902 by my great great grandfather. This is all of the information I have : First, the ore for the steel in these guns was supposed to have been mined in the Cranberry mine,located in Cranberry, North Carolina. These guns were distributed by C.M.McClung and Company of Knoxville Tennesse. All information I have on C.M.McClung is that they were located in Knoxville, T.N.and served as a large hardware store for the local area. They were also set up to sell, (at least nationwide)as a catalog store. Also I know that these guns were available in 12,20,and 16 gauge.

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How do you find records of cm mcclung co Knoxville TN makers of the cranberry 12-gauge shotgun?

CM McClung never manufactured any of their guns. They were a company much like sears, meaning they were aboth a warehouse type store and a mail order company as well. The McClung company was founded in 1884 in Knoxville, where they stayed throughout their business lifetime. the old main headquarters buurned down in 2007. I myself own two cranberry shotguns, one of which my greatgrandfather traded for second handed in 1902. I have done alot research and so far I can only guess that Crescent firearms probably made these guns. I do know that crescent made both a cherokee and a jackson shotgun for CM McMlung. According to "ask doc knox" of the knox news, They began advertising the cherokee somewhere between 1900 and 1905. With the knowledge of my cranberry, I would feel it is safe to say that the cranberry was sod around this same time. As for the name "Cranberry" , the gun was named after the town (actually a community) in wich the iron ore was mined, and that was Cranberry, North Carolina. You can find more info at the East Tennessee History Center in Knoxville. I want to go and see what I can find as son as i get the chance . If you find out anything interesting , please let me know by email at . Thanks, KEN

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New Aubrey is a trade name used by Albert Aubrey of Meriden, Ct on good quality double barrel shotguns made for Sears. Value depends on condition, grade, and model. Price range between $100 and $1500. Seek an expert appraisal prior to sale.

Can you find some history of two 28 gauge Parker shotguns in excellent condition from the serial numbers?

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What is the history of Vulcan double barrel shotguns?

Vulcan was a trade name used by the Edward K. Tryon Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These guns were manufactured by Crescent Firearms c. 1893-1930.

Where can you find gun history on a Noble 602H?

Not a lot of info on Noble. HQs in Mass, out of business in 1971. If your shotgun has no serial number, would have been made prior to 1968 (law did not require on shotguns until then) Extract from Blue Book of Gun Values-NOBLE MFG. CO.Previous manufacturer and importer of Spanish SxS shotguns located in Haydenville, MA 1953-1971.Noble manufactured semi-auto, lever, and slide action rifles and slide action shotguns, in addition to importing Spanish SxS shotguns. Shotgun models included the Model 420, 420 EK, and 450 E. While most models were relatively inexpensive, good working, utilitarian guns, there has been little collectibility to date and most rifles are seen priced in the $45-$150 price range while the shotguns are priced in the $75-$300 range, depending on gauge and features.

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HOWARD ARMS CO. was a tradename on shotguns used by the hardware store Fred Bifflar & Company of Chicago, Illinois. They were made by Crescent Fire Arms Company which was purchased by Stevens which was purchased by Savage Arms.

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The Batavia Leader was a model of shotgun made by the Baker Gun Co in New York from c.1903-1933. They were good quality shotguns in their day and high-condition original specimens are becoming moderately collectable.

What is the history and value of a Berkshire double Damascus barrel shotgun with Serial No T3210754?

Berkshire shotguns were manufactured by Meriden Firearms Co, Andrew Fyrberg Mfg Co, and Crescent Fire Arms for Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis and Sears Roebuck.