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My father and I own a 32 inch barrel,16 gauge,single shot ,Cranberry shotgun. This gun was purchased second hand in 1902 by my great great grandfather. This is all of the information I have : First, the ore for the steel in these guns was supposed to have been mined in the Cranberry mine,located in Cranberry, North Carolina. These guns were distributed by C.M.McClung and Company of Knoxville Tennesse. All information I have on C.M.McClung is that they were located in Knoxville, T.N.and served as a large hardware store for the local area. They were also set up to sell, (at least nationwide)as a catalog store. Also I know that these guns were available in 12,20,and 16 gauge.

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Q: What is history of 12-gauge Cranberry M C McClung shotguns?
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