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C. Parker & Co shotguns were imported by H&D Folsom, New York, around 1900. There were millions of similar shotguns under hundreds of different names and you are right, most collectors refer to them as JABC's (Just Another Belgian Clunker). The manufacturer, importer, and retailer each made a profit and the government collected a 65% import tarrif on these guns which sold for less than 10 dollars, so you can guess that they were not high quality. A few people still shoot these old guns, but they hand-load the appropriate black powder shells. They are also bought by yuppies wanting something to hang over their mantle. And many are priceless family heirlooms.


Would these guns still be useful to fire blank powder blank loads through them?? Being an old west re-enactor a side by side with hammers is a good find at the usual $125.00 you have priced before. I am not talking super loads, But running about 60 gr of 4f black powder through a 12 g. I understand the barerls should be checked by a gunsmith for damage prior to shooting, but if the barrels are found to be clean, would this be a hazard with a nearly 100 year old gun??


Lots of CAS and re-enactors use the old guns with their own black powder handloads. If you find one in good condition and it gets your gunsmith's blessing, I'd say it would be fine to use it. Problem is, many of these old guns had hard use and/or poor maintenance over the last century. Those with twist or damascus barrels may have internal rust that will not be apparent on a visual examination. You may buy 3 or 4 $125 guns and pay the 'smith $50 or more to check them each out before you find one that is really a shooter.

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Q: What is history on the C Parker damascus double barrel shotgun?
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With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca double barrel shotgun with the damascus barrels was produced in the year 1900.

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No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

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Double barrel shotgun serial?

Parker double barrel serial #131072 what would the grade be and date made.I can say that with the serial number provided,your Parker shotgun was made in the year 1904.As to the grade,that would be impossible to say without a detailed description of the shotgun in may find that there is much info available to you thru the internet about parker shotguns that will assist you in deciding which grade of Parker shotgun you have.

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