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The term "Holocaust Cloak" is mainly known from the "The Princess Bride". The main character, Westley, wishes for one when he and his friends are making plans to storm the evil prince's castle.
A holocaust cloak is another name for a cloak of flames. It is a heavy garment that is meant to ignite, either due to the rage of the wearer as punishment, or on command from the wearer as protection against attackers.
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What was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust The Holocaust (with a capital H) refers to thegenocide (mass murder) of about six million Jews by the Nazis in1941-1945 (during World War 2). It was the so-called Final Solution[of the Jewish Question]. The term is often used in a broader sense to include millions ofothers also killed ( Full Answer )

When was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust refers specifically to the Nazi genocide of the Jews. This is generally dated as 1941 to 1945 and took place in World War 2. Of course, before the start of the Holocaust, the Jews in Nazi Germany and later also in other areas under German control were persecuted and killed, b ( Full Answer )

When and where was the Holocaust?

Basic when and where of the Holocaust Timespan of genocide (mass murder): 1941-1945. Locations: in Nazi occupied Europe. The extermination camps were nearly all in Nazi occupied Poland. . Mass open air shootings of Jews began in June and July 1941 behind German lines in Lithuania, eastern ( Full Answer )

Who was in the Holocaust?

leader(s)- Adolf Hitler, Amon Goeth, Adolf Eichmann. groups opressed- jews, homos, bis, trans, jehovahs witnesses, blacks, POWs, political enemies, the physically and mentally disabled, and probably more...

What did they do to you in the Holocaust?

True, but there's more to it Contributor... 1) Following the most common image of the Holocaust, you were sent to a ghetto where you were systematically starved in preparation for your death at a concentration camp. Once arrived, you were meant to starved, disease ridden, and exhausted...ready to d ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of cloak?

A cloak can be a loose outer garment or cape, or a cover, as for concealment. The term is also used to mean anything that covers, conceals, or disguises, e.g. The dark night cloaked the activities of the gang.

What is an Arab cloak?

An Arab cloak is called an "Aba". It is a long, loose sleeveless outer garment of fine silk. . Burnoose is a hooded cloak. . The headscarf is known as a "hijab", while the cloak is known as an "abaya"

How do you make a invisibility cloak?

i will tell you how to make a INVISIBILITY CLOAK. first get a cloak the easy part.then you make a potion.you need hot H20 cold H20 string beans corn syrup white color die blue paint.the get something that is see thew. something bi as the cloak cut the cloak and put he see thew thing there >>>glue it

Whats the The Drunkards Cloak?

A barrel with holes for extremities, which a drunkard was placed in. The person was then pushed down a hill, and told they were invisible and invincible, so that nothing could see or hurt them. The drunkard believed them. Unfortunately, there would be a pack of mangy dogs at the bottom, and the drun ( Full Answer )

What does the idiom 'cloak and dagger' mean?

Cloak and dagger: concerning or involving spies, secret agents, intrigue and mystery Origin: from the 1600s in Spain - whereby, characters in dramas hid their daggers in their cloaks

How do you get cloak of doom in dragonfable?

go to this statue with three people on it left of falcons nest an choose assualt on necropolis and talk to the ghost then click upgrade doom cloak and you can upgrade it to the cloak of doom.

In wizardology where is the cloak of invisibility?

On the 1st page after the cover you see the titles written with just the symbol shown above it. This is the cloak of invisibility, I studied it at Oxford. On the last page, Merlin is shown wearing the grand commodious coat with the symbol in the corner. Anyone who actually thinks this is an invis ( Full Answer )

Who was at the Holocaust?

1. Let's rephrase the Question. The Holocaust was an event, not a place.. 2. Behind the whole scheme was the Nazi's, or sometimes refered to as the German Workers' Party.. 3. Their Leader was Adolf Hitler. 4. In case your refering to the concentration camps, eg. Auschwitz; Many German soldiers, a ( Full Answer )

What is a smoke cloak?

Its a security system similar to flash fog, that uses fog to stop a burglar, the intent is that he cannot find what he is looking for (literally). flashfog takes it up one more step, as it also includes a strobe light, that further cuts visibility by a factor of 3. more info at www.flashfogsecurit ( Full Answer )

When and what was the Holocaust?

The holocaust official began on the night called Kristallnacht. There were also rules that lead up to this day forbidding Jews or some certain rights. In the end the holocuast began in 1939.

Who was in Holocaust?

There weren't just jews. They killed everyone which Hitler thought to be inferior. Like Gypsies, disabled people, jews, Communists, socialists, etc.

How do you change Burmy's cloak into a Sand cloak?

You will need to have Burmy participate in a battle twice in a row. First, bring a Burmy to battle in a cave. After a simple battle, bring the same Burmy into another battle, and then you'll see that Burmy now has a Sand cloak. If you want a Sand-cloaked Wormadam, evolve a Burmy that currently has a ( Full Answer )

What is ninja cloak?

NinjaCloak basically gets past any proxys or filters. I'd wouldn't use it at school though you could get banned from school computers or suspended or expelled.

What is a korowai cloak?

a korowai is a Maori cloak that is worn by chiefs or one that has been passed down their ancestors down to them. You can also make a korowai with feathers.

What colors were their cloaks?

Students at Hogwarts wear black robes, and winter robes are black with silver fastenings. At Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, the robes are blue silk. At Durmstrang, they wear robes of deep, blood-red. Dress robes may be any color, but are only worn for special occasions, not class. At the Ministry of ( Full Answer )

How many syllables does cloaked have in it?

One. Cloaked• Technically one syllable, but that doesn't take account of the 'ked', if properly pronounced. Perhaps 'one and a half' syllables? I hope a language expert can advise.

Do the army or navy have invisibility cloaks?

While there is reserch into this area being conducted, there is no technology currently that can "cloak" a physical object or person within the visible spectrum. Machines may be cloaked from other wavelengths of the electromagnectic spectrum. The human form can even be obstructed within the infared ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a cloak in RuneScape?

if your taking about a vestment cloak you have to do level 2 clue scrolls or you can buy them from the ge, from 1 mil to 1.7 mil gp. However there is also castle war cloak which you get from the castle war mini game, fremennik cloaks bought from ge or rellika, ghostly cloak from the mini game after ( Full Answer )

Why did the plauge doctor a cloak?

if you are asking why the plague doctor wore a cloak it was because it would stop them from getting the disease themselves. They also wore a beak which stopped them breathing the lethal disease

Is chlamydia somehow like a cloak?

Chlamydia is like a cloak in that it is an obligate intracellar parasite. In that sense, it's "cloaked."

What is the nine tailed foxs cloak?

When there is a bubbly orange thing surrounding Naruto. When he actually starts transforming, he becomes a solid red color.

What is chlamys cloak?

A rectangular or oval clothing that drapes over one shoulder and knee length. Worn in ancient Greece only worn by men for hard work Hermes and Alexander the Great wore one too. They are hard to get back then.

How do you get the blood cloak in aqworlds?

It is in Yulgar's shop (/join yulgar) for 100,000 gold. There is also a quest for it in Unidentified Weapons and Cloaks but one of the quests is member. it can be purchased from yulgar it costs 100,000

How do you get obsidian cloak in adventure quest?

you may not no this but obsidian cloak doenst exist on aq. the obsidian cloak is from runescape another mmo. the word obsidian comes from runescape and it haslots of other items that are obsidian. Contrary to what the person above says there is such a thing as a n obsidian cloak for adventure qu ( Full Answer )

What was and when was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the murder of 6 million European Jews, and 5 million Gentiles during World War 2. It started in 1941 and ended when world war 2 ended. The start date and end date are debateable: - the fist signs of persecution were seen already in 1933 - the first killings (because of the victim ( Full Answer )

Is an invisibility cloak possible?

Yes, they have already created a very basic one. But nothing that can hide something as complex as a human. Yes, in fantasy worlds it is quite possible.

What is a coat cloak or jacket?

Coats and jacketsare a bit different, mostly jackets are pretty stylish and famousamong youngsters where as coat is wore only occasionally or inwinters. Nowadays some online stores are offering coats andjackets for women as well.

Does harry keep the invisiblilty cloak?

Of course Harry keeps the invisibilty cloak. He is going to keep it until he dies, then it will be given to one of his three children, James, Albus or Lilly.

How does James Potter get the invisability cloak?

It was probably given to him from his father because in the Deathly Hallows it said that each son gave it to their own son. The invisibility cloak that Harry had was the original cloak of invisibility belonging to Death originally and it came to Harry or his father by being passed down generation to ( Full Answer )

What are synonyms for cloak?

cape, coat, wrap, mantle, covering, layer, blanket, shroud, envelop, hide, screen, mask, disguise, conceal, obscure

What rhymes with cloaks?

Blokes, chokes, pokes, coax, cokes, folks, hoax, jokes, oaks, smokes, stokes, strokes, yolks, croaks all rhyme with "cloaks."

What is cloaking?

Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in whichthe content presented to the search engine spider is different fromthat presented to the user's browser. This is done by deliveringcontent based on the IP addresses or the User-Agent HTTP header ofthe user requesting the page.

Who was there in the Holocaust?

Any Jews and Non germany aryan people who was Born atleast 15-16 years before the holocaust.

What is a drunkards cloak?

A drunkards cloak is something used in the medieval times for thedrunk guys, they get put in barrels and then they have to walkaround town so the kids can push and tease on them.

What was the Holocaust was?

The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of Jews and other 'inferiors' during World War II. Jews were rounded up, transported to camps, and worked to death or killed.

What was Hestia's cloak?

Hestia was the Greek virgin goddess of hearth and architecture. She was normally seen in a simple and modest cloak which was only a head veil. She also had a staff in her hand.