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When individuals direct the resentment and anger they have about their situation onto those who are of equal or lesser status.

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Q: What is horizontal hostility?
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What is the plural for hostility?

The plural for hostility is hostilities.

What is the antonym for hostility?

Antonyms for hostility are likability, friendliness or amiability.

When was Open Hostility created?

Open Hostility was created in 1991.

What is an idiom for hostility?

If two people are "at each others' throats" there is hostility between them.

What is an example of a sentence using hostility?

the warriors showed hostility to the neighbouring tribe.

What is the meaning of hostilities?

of Hostility

Is hostility an abstract noun?

Yes hostility is a abstract noun

What is the abstract noun for hostile?

The abstract noun for the adjective hostile is hostility.

Is the word hostility a noun?

yes. example: She shows hostility towards her brother.

What is the opposite of the word hostility?

Words that are opposites (antonyms) of hostility are friendship, good-will, kindness, and peace.

How do you use hostility in a sentence?

Hostility is a noun for "angry feelings or angry reaction towards someone".Gertrude was surprised by John's hostility.Too much hostility among the staff made it difficult to give good customer service.The boss showed his hostility toward the workers frequently and without reason.There was some hostility between the fighters.Hostility arose as the crisis continued to elevate between the conflicting realms of the Soviet and American spheres.

What are some different ways to experience hostility?

You may experience hostility through being agitated by someone, something, or some action you find aggravating. You can experience hostility through things such as arguements of horseplay.

What is the abstract word for hostile?


What is the adjective for hostility?


What is a cold war?

A nonviolent state of hostility between two places A nonviolent state of hostility between two places

What group of colonists faced hostility as a result of their views regarding the declaration of independence?

The Patriots are the group of colonists that faced hostility.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Feeling of Hostility - 1948?

The cast of The Feeling of Hostility - 1948 includes: John Drainie as Narrator

What are the release dates for Heat and Hostility - 2011 SUSPENDED?

Heat and Hostility - 2011 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2011

What is an antonym for the word hostility?


To placate is to?

change hostility to friendliness.

What does confront mean?

to face hostility

What is the noun form of hostile?


Does hostility have a prefix or suffix?


What is unharmed hostility?

a pile of shite

To placate is to A make unnecessary B work against C change hostility to friendliness D tickle?

C. change hostility to friendliness