Medical Insurance

What is hospital insurance?

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Hospital insurance is a contract where, in return for your

making premium payments, the insurance company agrees to pay part

or all of your hospital expenses. Plans differ considerably

regarding what and how much they will cover. It might cover only a

fixed percentage of your bill or might have a fixed upper limit on

coverage. A plan might have coverage for an ambulance trip to get

you to the hospital. It will typically cover costs such as your

room, medication, supplies, equipment used and hospital employees'

services. It typically will not cover costs of services of

non-employees. So you could expect it to pay for the services of a

doctor who is employed by the hospital but not the services of a

doctor who is in private practice. It typically will not

cover costs of services not directly provided by the hospital, such

as specialized therapy or specialized equipment. Hospital insurance

should not be confused with comprehensive medical insurance, which

covers medical expenses both in and out of the hospital.

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