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What is hug in Spanish?

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Q: What is hug in Spanish?
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To hug in Spanish?

Abrazar means to hug in Spanish.

Hug in Spanish?

The word hug is translated as abraso in spanish. I know this because i speak spanish.

Spanish meaning of the word hug?


How do you say hug in spanish?

The noun for "a hug" in Spanish is "un abrazo." It is pronounced "oon ah-BRAH-so." The word for "hug me" in Spanish is, "abrázame." It is pronounced, "ah-BRAH-sa-may."

How do you say Don't you get a hug in Spanish?

No me das un abrazo? (Will you not hug me?)

How do you say to hug in spanish?

You say hug by abraso a-bra-so

What is the word in Spanish for hugs?

The verb "to hug" in Spanish is "abrazar".

How do you say hug me in Spanish?


Can I hug u in spanish?

¿Puedo abrazarte?

How do you say here is a big hug in Spanish?


Translate one hug into spanish?

un abrazo

How do you say no hug for you in spanish?

No abrazo para ti

How do you spell hug in spanish?

Although there is not an actual term for "hug", the word with the closest meaning would be "abrazar" (embrace).

'Will you hug me' in Spanish?

Usted me abrazará? Me quieres abrazar?

What is abrazo?

The Spanish word "abrazo" means "hug" or "embrace."

How do you say give you a hug in Spanish?

Darle un abrazo.

How can i say a hug for you in Spanish?

Un abrazo para ti.

How do you say give me a hug in spanish?

Abráceme / abrácenme / abrázame / abrazadme.

When we meet I want to hug you in Spanish?

Cuando nos encontramos, quiero abrazarte.

Knock knock who there hug hug who?

Knock knock who is there? hug? hug who? you hug hug

How do you say 'I want to hug you' in Spanish?

"I want to hug you" in Spanish is "Quiero abrazarte". It is pronounced "Key-AIR-oh ah-brah-SAR-tay". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

How do say I want a hug and kiss in Spanish?

Quiero un abrazo y un beso

How can i say i miss your hug in spanish?

if babel fish is correct i think it is " falto su abrazo"

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for August 7 2013?

Hug it OutHug it OutHug it OutHug it OutHug it Out

How do you give a good hug?

There is no such thing called a good hug. A hug is just a hug.