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What is human characteristics?

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The pattern that people make on the surface of the Earth, such as cities, roads, canals, farms and other ways people change the Earth. (answer is from: )

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Q: What is human characteristics?
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What are physical characteristics and human characteristics?

physical characteristics of a human is your phenotype

Human Characteristics of Mexico?

what are the human characteristics of Mexico

What are the characteristics of human behavior?

human behavioral characteristics

What are human and physical characteristics?

Human characteristics are the man- made Characteristics and Physical characteristics are the characteristics that are made by nature. (all natural) :)

What some human characteristics of Italy?

human characteristics of Italy

What are the human characteristics of Chile?

the human characteristics in Chile are that they are Latin American.

What were the characteristics of the Roman gods?

They had human characteristics; sometimes supra-human.

What are human characteristics of michigan?

Three Human Characteristics are culture, language and cities

What are some physical and human characteristics of Louisiana?

what are some human characteristics for louisiana

What is giving a object human characteristics?

Anthropomorphism is giving objects human characteristics.

Human characteristics of Egypt?

The human characteristics of Egypt include the major cities like Alexandria. The pyramids and the sphinx are also human characteristics of Egypt.

What are some human characteristics of Europe?

There are quite a few different human characteristics that are found in Europe. Bridges and buildings are human characteristics of Europe for example.

What physical and human characteristics does the middle east have?

Human Characteristics: Homes and Schools Physical Characteristics: Sahara Desert

What is the difference between physical and human characteristics?

There are many possible differences between physical and human characteristics. Physical characteristics are usually natural whereas human characteristics are usually man-made.

What are chimpanzees characteristics?

like human characteristics

What is the characteristics of of human made ecosystem?

the characteristics of human made is to limited species diversity.

What are the human characteristics of Hong Kong?

Some human characteristics of Hong Kong is that they are asian

What are human physical characteristics of puerto ricans?

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What are the human characteristics of people in the Bahamas?

human characteristics are all of the building and the fake trees they have

Human characteristics in Orlando Florida?

Some human characteristics are the theme parks and buildings.

What are some human characteristics of Egypt?

Some human characteristics of Egypt are- The pyramids Of Giza and anything else that is human-made.

Is the golden gate bridge famous for its human or physical characteristics?

It is famous for its human characteristics. Physical characteristics are land forms, bodies of water, and and ecosystems. Human characteristics are bridges, roads, buildings, culture, and language.

What are physical characteristics of human?

There are lots of characteristics, strong, pretty and handsome. these are the best characteristics. Fundamentals of the human body and the treasure of the world.

What are the human characteristics of Egypt?

the human characteristics of Egypt are pyramids,temples, and mud brick houses! :) :) :) :)

What are the human characteristics in Seattle Washington?

One of the human characteristics is the Space Needle, in Seattle, Washington.