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a hunting dog is a dog that is trained to hunt
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Are Labrador Retrievers hunting dogs?

Answer . Labrador were originally bred for hunting yes, just like retrievers, they can both hunt and retrieve, both gun dogs. But they need very strict training, if you shoot down a bird, they MUST retrieve the one you point at, not the one they want, and they can't run off with it...it's hard t ( Full Answer )

What dog is best for hunting?

The answer is simple...Brittany Spaniels are the best! The Point very well and i am pleased..we have had many hunting dogs and the Brittany was the best..they are a good size, varity of colors, great companion, obidient, they are a five star dog and should be very pleasing!

Is Dog still bounty hunting?

yes he is still hunting but he is growning up and there wont be any more bounty huntin soon

Are there lion hunting dogs?

Yes, dogs have been trained to hunt the cougar. Dogs have beem trained to hunt cougar, and bears. The bread the Rhodesian ridgeback was actually breed for hunting lions.

What do African hunting dogs eat?

They eat Springbox, Gazelle and, Kob. They also eat hyanes. This is just some of the things that the African Hunting Dogs eat.

Should you neuter a hunting dog?

YESSS!!!. ACTUALLY......i wouldn't most dogs tend to get fat and lazy when neutered. But, it is a personnal choice.. Edit** From the research I've done, and from speaking with various vets, my answer would be, "Maybe". I haven't found conclusive evidence that neutering will OR that it WON'T affect ( Full Answer )

Are dalmatians good hunting dogs?

No.Because back then they weren't used for hunting.They would only follow the horses who would move the old fire trucks.

How do dogs hunt for food?

They smell out another animal and then they fight and kill the other. animal and them they eat it.. usually domestic pets are given food but wild dogs sometimes scare off people with food so they drop it...then they eat it...also they go through garbage cans.

Which types-of-dogs are hunting-dogs?

it depends on what you are hunting for but beagles, coon dogs, and golden retrievers are some of them. if you are hunting small animals like: birds, rabbits, mice, voles, etc. the westie is the best hunting dog for that but like the person above said, it depends on what your hunting

Is it legal to hunt Wild Dogs?

It just depends on where your at, why you want to hunt it, etc. it's preferred you didn't if you didn't have an absolute reason, or if it is someones pet. If the dog is killing your animals or trying to hurt you or others, yes. BUT: Please consider that if this is someone pet, killing it ca ( Full Answer )

What is the hunting history of the daschund dog.?

Originally, in Germany they were bred and used to hunt badgers. Since the modern Daschund is smaller and quite lighter than the original German equivalent, they have since been used to hunt mainly rabbit and fox, and track various game. Packs have been used to take down wild boar and even wolverines ( Full Answer )

Spotts on a hunting dog?

Spots on a hunting dog could be any of several different things.Most likely they are part of its his skin or coat pigment and arecompletely normal. They might also be buried ticks, which should beremoved, or moles or skin cancer, which should be checked by aveterinarian.

How long do hunting dogs live?

Hunting dogs are usually larger and more bulky. These types of dogshave an age span of 6-11 years of age.

How do dogs hunt?

Wild or feral dogs tend to hunt in packs. A domesticated dog maychase and worry sheep, or fight with another dog, if not under thecontrol of the owner.

What is the easiest hunting dog to train?

I have aBrittany spaniel, he is awesome he listens to me, and is very obedient and loyal to me, i trained him so much in just one day, Brittany's are really great hunting dogs too, i recommend them.

What does this mean Have a dog in this hunt?

This is an idiom that expresses the level of concern for a situation. The idiom is commonly heard in the negative as in, when confronted by a situation, you express anopinion but then follow it up with "but I ain't go no dog in this hunt", meaning that although you have an opinion you don't have any ( Full Answer )

What are the best hunting dogs?

Labrador . English Pointer . Catahoula . Irish Setter . German Short-Haired Pointer . English Setter . Golden Retriever . Chesapeake Bay Retriever . Brittany . Springer Spaniel

What is dog hunting?

using a hound to lead you to your prey, it is commonly used in cougar hunting because the dog will tree the cougar

What kind of dog is a hunting dog?

A hunting dog is any dog that aids in hunting but there are specific breeds breed for it, like begals and others.

Are poodles good hunting dogs?

Poodles were originally used (and bred) as water retrievers for hunters. That's the reason for the "poufy" haircut because it enhanced bouyancy in water while the dogs were retrieving the birds the hunter/s shot.

Are boxer dogs good hunting dogs?

They run fast and bite hard. However they have not been bredspecifically for hunting. They are really intended as guard dogs.

Do wild dogs hunt?

Most wild dogs (since the go in packs) hunt together. So yes wild dogs hunt. : )

Are black labs hunting dogs?

Yes, they are bred for waterfowl hunting. they are particularly good at retrieving shot birds from the water. they are also used in hunting upland game birds such as pheasant.

Why do people train hunting dogs?

People today, often train hunting dogs for FUN and hunt for FUN! Sadly they do not need the food but do so for TROPHIES hanging on their walls. But don't blame the dog, he is just being loyal to what his owner has trained him. :(

How does dogs hunt?

It really depends on what kind of dog it is, also how it's trained. You can train dogs to hunt, but they will not do it automatically.

When does the African wild dog hunt?

its hunting life style mainly consist of a range of animals that is 2-3 times it size. such as the African antelpoe full grown wilda beast and even a stray bison

What is the best hunting dog breed?

IF your gonna buy a hunting do i say go for a bloodhound and a beagle if you want a small dog go for the beagle if you want a big dog go for the bloodhound

How can you train dog to hunt?

Hide food 1st in the house and have the dog find it. then when he starts to get the hang of it take him into the woods and test him to see if he can find anything. Maybe hide things he likes there too. Then have him try to find an animal. You also might need a signal so he knows when to stop, go, an ( Full Answer )

What are the breeds of coon hunting dogs?

well theres various mixes and cross breeds. but the simple you got... Black and tans (B&t), bluetick, Treeing walkers,plott hounds,red ticks (english), redbone, currs, and others.. some breeds known as magestics incl a nice cross of many breeds .. my magestics are crossed bloodhound plott hound wa ( Full Answer )

What kind of dog hunts lions?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks were often bred to hunt lions. And the way they hunted them was known as Hounding. Hunters usually released a large pack of these dogs at once. They'd track the lion and hold it at bay until the hunter could shoot it.

What is the smartest hunting dog?

It really depends on what you are hunting and it depends on your definition of smart, Many hounds make great hunters/trackers because of their keen sense of smell, whereas terriers like the fox terrier and welsh terrier are great rabbit dogs. Labs are great for waterfowl because of their extreme dev ( Full Answer )

Which dog is a good hunting dog?

I definitely think that the Lab, the Golden Retriever, Hound Dog, and the Beagle would be the four best hunting dogs. That is, only if they go through the proper training. They run fast, bite hard, and most importantly, bring back the prize.

Can you hunt bears with a dog?

yeah u can hunt bears with dog's.U know why?Because dogs got good scents of smell to find u wat u need.

Where do people use hunting dogs?

Hunting goes back to the very beginning's of the human-dog relationship, and a large number of breeds were created just for specific hunting purposes. People use hunting dogs everywhere on the planet.

What pig hunting dog is the best pig hunting dog?

cattle dog gray hound cross pitty the best is the catahoula leopard (chase dog) and a big pit bull (catch dog) If you are just planning on running bay dogs, curs and hounds are the naturals. For catch dogs you may have seen the guys on "Hogs Gone Wild" running a wolfhound (or maybe a deerhoun ( Full Answer )

Are yellow labs a hunting dog?

well yes they are but they also a swimming and retrieving breed which is used in hunting

What kind of dogs can be hunting dogs?

1.Labordor Retrievers 2.Poodles (Standard believe it or not) 3.Cocker Spaniels 4.Golden Retreivers 5.Some Collies 6. Then there is a short hard dog i can't remember the breed off my head but I know it begins with a W. 7.I think there is a dog breed they sometimes call "Pointers" They hav ( Full Answer )

What dog is good at hunting deer?

Basset hounds, blood hounds, beagles, deer hounds, coon hounds, blueticks, curs, catahoulas, setters, rhodesian ridgeback etc. Pretty well any hound or dog that is raised and trained to hunt and/or track wild game like deer can be used.

Can husky be hunting dogs?

Not too likely as the husky would probably eat the game animal. There dogs are working dogs and generally sled pulling animals. Still, they are very intelligent and they might be so trained as a hunting dog. I would not want that job myself, but you might give it a try. Rabbits, to start, perhaps.

Are boxer dogs hunting dogs?

No, they were originally bred as watch dogs. Dog organisations nowclass them as 'working dogs' though most of them are now familypets. It is thought that it was originally bred from huntingbreeds.

What are the duties of a dog in bird hunting?

The primary duty of a bird hunting dog is to retrieve downed game. Aside from that, they need to be trained to stay quiet and not inadvertently damage the bird in transit by biting down too firmly or shaking itself off while carrying if the bird had to be collected from a body of water.

What does that dog won't hunt mean?

It means that the method or object you intend to use for a particular purpose will not be effective. It could also mean that something doesn't make sense or will not be useful.

Will the dogs of Minecraft hunt?

Wolves in minecraft can be tamed by right clicking them with 1-5bones (or so this is from memory). They will fight monsters foryou, but can be killed in combat just like you can be! Heal themwith food items (Rotten flesh, steak, ect.) They can be named withname tags. They will attempt to follow you, ( Full Answer )