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How do you spell husband in french?

Husband in French is Mari.

How do you say my husband in French?

My husband is "mon mari" in French.

What is 'husband' in French?


What is another word for husband in french?

The two common words for husband in french are epoux and mari.

Husband in french?


How do you say where is my husband in french?

where is my husband? = où est mon mari ?

How do you say husband in French?


How do you say my handsome husband in french?

mon beau mari is the phrase in french. It means My Handsome Husband.

How do you get a French passport?

how do you get a french passport i am a french citizen and my husband is Egyptian, how can he receive an Egyptian passport

What is the French spelling for your husband your love?

your husband your love = votre mari votre amour

What is the translation of husband in french?

mari (or époux)

Who is Ashley Tisdale's husband?

Christopher French

What is the French word in translation from English to French for he is your husband?

Il est votre mari.

What is your handsome husband in french?

ton beau mari

What is the English translation of the french word mari?


What is the meaning of French word Mari in English?


What do you call a future husband in french?

futur mari

How do you say loving husband in french?

mari aimant

Am french citizen and your husband Palestinian how he can get french passport?

Become a French citizen. Passports are issued by the country you're a citizen of.

Queen of France in the french revolution?

She was killed by the french people, because she and her husband betrayed France.

Does ashley tisdale have a husband?

Yes, she is married to Christopher French.

How do you say he's my husband in French?

c'est mon mari

How do you pronounce Husband in french?

"Mari." Prononciation: mah-ree.

How do you say my future husband in french?

mon futur mari

How do you say in French to my husband to be?

à mon mari d'être.