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No, Beta fishes do not inquire light.

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Q: What is ideal water temp for the betta fish?
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Does a betta fish like cold water?

you should put your betta fish in warm or room temp. water. it might be risky to put your betta in cold water!!!!

What temperature water does a betta fish need?

Room temp.

Do betta fish live in ponds?

no a Betta can not live in a pond because it has to have a steady temp or it will go into shock and die.

The temp for a betta fish?

Above 73F and below 80F. Best at 78F.

Can a betta live in a fish bowl?

Yes, Betta's do not require a lot of space and since they breath atmospheric air there is no need for a filer. Just make sure you keep an eye on water temp.

What should you do if your betta fish is dying?

The only thing that I would do, is put the fish in a shallow tank, bettas do not need deep water, with a heater with a temp not over 80 degrees and see what happens.

Why does your Betta fish float on his side?

Probably swim bladder disease. Dirty water, stress, over feeding (leading to constipation), and temp fluctuations will cause this.

Should you be worried if your Betta used to make bubble nests all the time but stopped about a month ago?

Water temp is the key, bettas are a bubble nest builder, that does not mean they will constantly build nests, its important if the fish is alone "to build a nest" that there are no sudden water temp changes, and the fish is living in some what of clean water and is being fed, the short answer to your question is no I would not be worried. the fish is no different than anything else it moves on an then goes back to what it species has done forever. One other thing that has come to my attention or thought, the betta that you have is a mature male betta.

What water temperature is ideal for baby mollys?

The ideal water temp. should be around 80°F.

What happens to a betta if the water temp is too hot Will he die?

Yes he will die.

What is ideal water temp for competitive swimming pool?

Not sure on exact temp...but it needs to be COLD.

Ideal temp of drinking water?

700000 degrees farinheight

What is an ideal temp. of cold water fish tank How do you reduce the PH level in fish water tank?

Cold Fish are quite happy with room temprature water. If you leave the tank for about 5 days it should definatly be ok to put your fish in. About the ph.... i honestly dont have a clue! hope this helps a bit...(probably not very much) x

How do you change the water in your Betta's fish bowl?

I will first use a small net, wet it before touching the betta with it, remove the betta and place it in a small container, example empty cool whip container, then just pour the water out of the container that the betta is being kept in rinse it out then I remove the stones and wipe the inside of the glass bowl with rubbing alcohol to remove the alage, rinse the glass container out again, put the stones back in, fill the glass container back up with water at room temp, then I pour the water and betta from the cool whip container back into the glass container.

What does the water temp have to be for your turtle and fish tank?

it depends on the kind of turtle and fish you have

What kind of water should you put your fish in?

you need to put your fish in tap water that has been TREATED, AND NOT COLD OR HOT BUT KIND OF WARM...then let it set out over night to adjust to room temp. Treated- use declornator...its very cheap You should put your fish in spring water but make sure it's WARM .(my betta likes springwater) :P The above answers are good if you have fresh water fish, but will kill a salt water fish. Make sure you know what kind of fish you have.

How a fish is adapted to live in a pond?

Fish are cold blooded, but need to be adjusted to the temp of the water. Slowly if its hot water being adjusted them you need to slowly rise the temp of the water to the temp of the water out side and the opposite for lowering the temp by the way this is all wrong so please don't read that.

Which pet fish can live long in a fish bowl?

Betta fish are the best. Goldfish second. Those would be the best. You can have 1 for each gallon. Unless you have a betta. Then you can only have one. Though I do have a small school of elder guppies in my bowl that have had for a year and a half. But make sure you have water conditioner and that when you get the fish you allow them to sit in the bowl in the bag from the fish store to make sure they have acclimated to the temprature of the bowl. Even what seams like a small difference in temp. to us can kill a fish within an hour.

When do Japanese betta fish mate?

betta fish mate when the male starts to make a bubble nest.he does this when the temp is raised to about 27-28c,now you need to separate the female into a private chamber where the male can see in the same tank for a few hours.then release her.if all goes well your beta fish will mate

What tempereture do tropical fish live in?

tropical fish like the water temp to be 24C-29C

Can you put a betta fish with other fish?

seriously to be on the safe side dont and really dont if its another betta fishYes Bettas are a quiet timid fish so they should only be kept with small fish. Of course I asume you will not be overstocking the tank The basic rules for successfull fishkeeping are as follows. :- 1 inch (2.25cm) of fish needs at least 1 gallon (3.78ltrs) of water. Every tank needs a permanently running cycled filter. :- Every tank needs at least 50% of its water replaced every week. If you follow the above rules, feed the fish the correct diet and keep the container covered and at 78F a Betta will do OK. (Most other species will do well at the above temp) I can guarantee that if you don't keep the preceeding rules that your fish will have constant health problems and will live a considerably shorter life.

You just got a male Betta fish yesterday It seems to just be staying on the bottom of the tank and not swimming around much Is something wrong?

When transferring a betta to a new home be sure to acclimate him SLOWLY to the new water by floating the temporary bag/cup in the new water to adjust the temp. Also, every ten minutes add some water from the new home to the old bag/cup so they Betta is not stressed over sudden changes in Ph or hardness. Treat tap water with chlorine/chloramine remover before adding the Betta to his new home. I like to feed newcomers about half an hour after transferring to a new home, just to make sure they "take" to their new water. Also, be selective when buying a fish from a pet store. Watch for signs of illness. Do not buy the fish if it looks sick or any other fish from that same batch look ill. If you do all this and the fish is still staying on the bottom, he just might be shy.

Can Siamese fighting fish get along with goldfish?

yes, as long as there's enough room to allow for the goldfish's growth and the temp is high enough for the betta, you should have no problems

What kind of water and temp for Siamese fighting fish?

i think 78-82

What is the best water temp for tropical fish?

78-81 degrees Fahrenheit