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One thing Jim's belief that Huck is a ghost implies is that he is superstitious. It is also meant to imply that he is uneducated.

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What does the Mississippi River symbolize in Huck Finn?

the river symbolizes huck and jims freedom

What is Jims response to hucks trick?

Jim is upset with Huck, and this becomes a life lesson for Huck.

What prank does huck play on Jim and how does it backfire?

Huck places a dead rattlesnake at the foot of Jims bed.

In Huckleberry Finn what is Jims attitude toward Huck?

Jim cares about Huck a lot. While they are on the river Jim is the sole person looking after Huck, and though Jim understands that he still has to treat Huck as a "master," he still loves Huck.

What does Jim think when he first see's huck on the island?

He thinks Huck is a ghost and that Huck's ghost came back for him.

What is hucks reaction to Jims plan after he is a free man?

Jim will never truley be free because of huck

Why does huck scare Jim?

Because Jim thinks Huck is a ghost.

How does Jim react when he first sees Huck?

Jim thought Huck was a ghost.

Why is Jim terrified at the sight of Huck?

He thought Huck was dead and believed he's a ghost.

How did Jim react when he saw Huck for the first time?

Jim thought Huck was a ghost.

Why does Huck scare Jim when he first finds him in the woods?

He scared him because Jim thought that Huck was a ghost.

What was Tom's reaction when he met Huck on the road?

felt sorry for Huck He thought he had seen a ghost

In the book Huckleberry Finn why did huck feel so guilty about jims snake bite?

because he caused it, when he played a prank on Jim with a dead snake.

What does tom think huck is at first?

A ghost, cause he "died"

How and by whom is Jim betrayed have other slaves been similarly treated by this character how does Huck respond to jims capture?

The Dauphin captures and sells Jim. Huck responds to his capture by pretending to be Tom and a part of the family that captured Jim.

What was toms reaction when he met huck on the road?

he thought he had seen a ghost.

Why is hucks response to jims rebuke significant?

Jim's rebuke of Huck and the shame he feels for having played the trick, shows that Huck is finally looking at Jim as another human being, not as property. He had been taught blacks weren't people, just property like a donkey, but he now understood, this was a lie.

Critics point to the incident on the stranded steamboat as being traumatic for huck and something that will scar him for life what happened on the boat?

This constant switching of Hucks position in relation to Jims humanity seems to clearly indicate his indecision as to whether or not he is doing what is best. Hucks indecision reaches its first climax right as Huck believes Jim to be nearly free. Then when Jim wants to free his family, Huck starts behaving more like society and thinking that it's wrong.

Who told huck what to do?

who told huck what to do

When was Huck It created?

Huck It was created in 1998.

Why does pap yell at huck for being civilized?

Pap yells at huck because since huck has become civilized he thinks that huck is now better than him.

How does Huck escape from his Pap?

Huck sawed a hole.

Why does Huck take a new name?

Huck takes a new name simply because he does not approve of the name huck. :)

When did McDill 'Huck' Boyd die?

McDill 'Huck' Boyd died on 1987-01-09.

When was McDill 'Huck' Boyd born?

McDill 'Huck' Boyd was born on 1907-04-17.