What is importance of history?

George Santayana once said "People who can't remember the past are condemned to repeat it." It is the recording of people and events in our past. For example, If you wanted to find out how the world was like in the time of Napoleon or Alexander if you wanted to know how life was during World War I or World War II. Men even influenced history even in victory or in defeat. But the main problem today people don't know or don't care about history. It is like the quote above, People today don't even know what the Declaration of Independence is or the Constitution is about or how it was created. Our country right now is seeing its " fall of the Roman Empire." Our country was the symbol of hope and prosperity for the free world. But back to history, If don't learn history. Your life and your children will suffer through a lot it will be disaster that we may never recover from. That is the importance of history.